We’re From Norwich


We’re From Norwich

We’re From Norwich is a series of compilation albums showcasing some of the incredible musical talent we have in the fine city.  Started in the early 2000s by Shane O’Linski and Sean O’Neil these difficult to source albums have been re-released for purchase as digital downloads to raise the necessary funds for the latest release in the series in December.

In 2016 Norwich has tragically lost two stalwarts of its music scene, Andy Sacre and Will Croft (Will of course was a member of Discharge Lounge who will be represented on the album). Andy had been in talks with Sean regarding the putting together of another local compilation and so a new We’re From Norwich release is a fitting tribute to Andy’s wish for this, his love and support of Norwich music and the memory of both Andy and Will.

The first two compilations in the series have been made available for purchase as either individual tracks at 50p each or the whole album for £6 which will include a bonus 26 songs that could not be fitted onto the original CD.  The third in the series will be #3 for free.


On 18 November 2016 a fundraising gig will take place on all three floors of Karma with each floor having its own levels of sound and musical style. A joint Howlback Hum/Ideal Surreal presentation, names are still being added but already confirmed, amongst others, are: Dr. Clyde, The Marigolds, Odder Seas, The Thinking Men, Mari Joyce, Organisms, Hot Raisin, and Horo Quintet.

Doors are 20:00-03:00 and entry is £5 advance, £7 on the door with buckets around the venue for any further donations towards the release of the record.

For the launch there will be a weekend of live music events with gigs at The Owl Sanctuary, The Playhouse Bar, and Cactus Cafe Bar.  Names are still being finalised for this but will feature many of those who will appear on the record and already confirmed are BK & Dad and Magoo. These gigs will take place over the weekend of 16-18 December 2016.


We’re From Norwich can be downloaded at:  www.offwiththeirrecords.co.uk

email:  booking@idealsurreal.co.uk

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/IdealSurreal 


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