Norwich Sound & Vision launch party @ NAC 26 September 2016

The NS&V launch party kicked off at Norwich Arts Centre on Monday night with the publication of the full exciting line-up programme, some speeches from those involved and a gig with a really strong line-up of local talents.


Sink Ya Teeth returned to the NAC stage and played a storming set to start off the music, they were highly impressive. A lot of people were seeing them for the first time and I heard so much favourable feedback afterwards. They thrived on the Arts Centre stage, looked and sounded wonderful.

sink ya teeth

Sink Ya Teeth


The talented Maya Law continues to develop and grow in confidence, as does Alex Hill of No Holy Men who truly commanded the stage for their set. Her voice – somewhere between PJ Harvey and Patti Smith – soared beautifully.  

no holy men

No Holy Men



Within moments of hearing Cabrakid for the first time I understood what the buzz and fuss is all about.  Everyone loved them. Look out for a forthcoming collaborative album between Maya and Gabriel of Cabrakid under the name of Allergy Kid which will launch on 13 October at Space Studios for Tilting Sky. Cabrakid support Loyle Carner at NAC on 4 October but this is already sold out.




maya law

Maya Law





no holy men

No Holy Men


You can read my full review on the Outline site.


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Norwich: Music City, UK

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