Folk That with Rachael Dodd, Mari Joyce, Chad Mason, Phoebe Troup, Will Newsome @ NAC 23 September 2016

The NAC and Folk That brought us a lovely gig on Friday with constant music throughout the night in the auditorium and also the bar and a really strong line up.

mari joyce

Mari Joyce


It’s always a treat when Mari Joyce plays and although there was no Alex Patterson on this occasion we did have an appearance by Leo, at six weeks old the newest and youngest member of the band though was probably sleeping through most of the beautiful as ever set, strapped to mum Johanna.


mari joyce

Mari Joyce


There were further sets in the auditorium from Rachael Dodd who split her set between piano and guitar, and Will Newsome on kora. In the bar the fantastic Phoebe Troup continues to impress and progress. She has definitely become one of my favourites, her playing, her voice and those marvelously evocative lyrics are something very special.  Read this aloud and you’ll get the picture:

“Oh, but if I could drink the rivers clean, give the birds and the bears more than space in between. Tell all the tall buildings to go back to bed, let the poor chopped up farm fields be forests instead.
Well the moon told the sun she would help if she could,but a mouth full of brickwork tastes worse than it should. She said I will admit I have thought to myself, if we wait just a bit, it will swallow itself… “

She gets better and better and better and I adore her songs. Chad Mason too played a highly impressive set to a full and silent bar with everyone’s rapt attention, it was really enjoyable.

phoebe troup

Phoebe Troup


phoebe troup

Phoebe Troup





At the end of the night I decided to head to The Owl for the monthly Rebel Lion night, perhaps unwisely ahead of a busy schedule of gigs but it was a lot of fun and I didn’t regret the very late night.


rebel lion



More photos to follow…


all rights reserved (c) shashamane 2016


Rachael Dadd

Will Newsome-

Mari Joyce Band-

Chad Mason

Phoebe Troup

Norwich: Music City, UK

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