SuperGlu, Magoo, Host @ NAC 17 September 2016

To bid farewell to a glorious summer the Norwich Arts Centre offered us three great bands for just £3, SuperGlu from Essex and our own Magoo and Host.


Host it was who opened the evening, a band I’d not seen since early in the year at OddBox at The Murderers – I loved them then and I loved them here. They create something interesting and experimental that works well with hints of The XX in their sound, guitar, synth and drums working so well together and with Lorna’s haunting vocals floating beautifully over them. Lorna was in good form and delightful between songs too and the whole band have good taste in specs! 🙂





I haven’t seen Magoo nearly as often as I would have liked and they were another big draw for my coming here tonight. Second act of the night they were utterly brilliant, having been doing this for around twenty odd years but playing with the zest of newcomers I absolutely love them. Strong songs (we even had one or two new ones), strong indentifiable sound and a brilliant insistence to the beat. More gigs soon, Magoo. Please! Indeed, the next gig is not far off, at The Owl Sanctuary for Outline at NS&V on 14 October supporting The Membranes.












Regular visitors to Norwich, SuperGlu have a strong fan base here and whilst I have yet to reach quite the high levels of enthusiasm for the band that most of my friends have I did enjoy their set and one cannot fail to be impressed by the energy they perform with and the joy and fun they bring. They too have a very good sound.




Great dynamic and I think I only need to become more familiar with the songs to catch up with everyone else, the audience absolutely adore them and know all the words and there’s a strong SuperGlu bond already for this young band but the undoubted highlight of the evening for me was Magoo.



Many thanks to NAC, Magoo, SuperGlu, and Host for closing summer off in fine style. Super lighting and sound too.


shane, molly


all rights reserved (c) shashamane 2016


Norwich: Music City, UK

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