Guadalupe Plata, Ida Mae @ Jug Jaw’s Beat Club 14 September 2016

The latest in this extraordinary series of gigs at Bedfords Crypt where the venue is turned into a 1967 beat club with some of the dirtiest, rawest lowdown punky blues bands around are brought to us by Jug Jaw’s Beat Club and Punk Rock Blues saw an appearance by Spain’s Guadalupe Plata on their first UK visit supported by our own Ida Mae.


ida mae

Ida Mae

jug jaw's beat club, ida mae

Ida Mae


Ida Mae are, of course, Chris and Stephanie, the Jug Jaw’s hosts. It’s always a joy to hear them play, Chris on this occasion playing a Silvertone guitar. A moment of re-stringing allowed one or two more punters to squeeze into a rammed and sweaty Crypt on this balmy Indian summer night.  There were a few audible gasps from jug Jaw’s newcomers at the quality of their delivery, some country blues covers and a few tasters from the debut album which we can only hope will be recorded before too long. One of these was aired for the very first time in front of a live audience.




Without any ceremony or fanfare Guadalupe Plata set up, plugged in and launched into their set of 90 minutes plus. With limited English it was all about the music as the songs almost segued into one another, full of fuzz, tremelo and reverb their garagey, surf, blues rock and roll through vintage PA was just the sort of thing you wouldn’t want to be hearing anywhere else. The crowd (which included some Spanish long-term fans) absolutely adored it and begged for more, which the by then dripping in sweat three-piece duly obliged on.  It’s obvious to see why they are getting lots of attention from BBC 6 Music and Iggy Pop, there aren’t enough bands doing what they are doing but I am extremely grateful to Chris, Steph, and Rupert for bringing those that are to Norwich and our attention. This was a lot of fun and truly exciting.

guadalupe plata

Guadalupe Plata

guadalupe plata

Guadalupe Plata






all rights reserved (c) shashamane 2016


Norwich: Music City, UK

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