The James Hunter Six, Big Joe Louis @ The Talk 9 September 2016

Big Steve Arlene of The Arlenes, Future Radio’s Americana show, and Meet the Folks put on this tremendous gig in conjunction with Bo Nanafana, perfectly hosted at a lovely looking Talk with the Bo girls giving it their distinctive decor.


bo nanafana dance class


Either of these acts could have headlined but after some dance classes from Sarah Lewis and Laura McGill and warm-up music from the Two Kevs it was Big Joe Louis who opened the live music. They impressed me mightily and I loved the sound from this trio, some dirty rock n roll with two guitars and a brilliantly solid drummer. This music was right up my street.


bo nanafana

Dance class at the beginning of the night

bo nanafana

Dance class

bo nanafanabo nanafana slightly offensive steve



big joe louis

Big Joe Louis


The night was flying by in an especially friendly and happy atmosphere, Bo nights always create this and between bands there was much dancing, I loved the video projections behind the djs.

bo nanafana two kevs

The Two Kevs

A lot of people were extremely keen to hear the James Hunter Six, I saw this talented lot at Red Rooster in the summer so knew all about the talented group and their soulful blues led by the amazing voice of the charismatic James Hunter himself.



james hunter six

James Hunter Six


james hunter six

James Hunter


They finished at about 12:30 but there was still plenty of dancing to be done. Without exception, every single person I spoke to was smiling and enthusing about what a great night this was. Huge thanks and congratulations to Steve, Helen and Tris and everyone involved who made this super night happen. The Talk may be a bit “tired” in some respects but it’s not retro, it is genuine vintage, a purpose built venue that when it is dressed up totally looks the part like no other. Mirror ball, great sightlines, plenty of tables and chairs, warm sound, good lighting and an audience up for a good time and looking amazing. Something about this place relaxes people and gets them in the mood, not that any help was needed on that score, with a line up like this and with a Bo touch it was an event people were talking about days in advance and will continue talking about for a while to come too. Everything combined so well and the atmosphere was just lovely.


bo nanafana, steve arlene

Well done, Steve!



bo nanafana jon birdbo nanafana two kevs

bo nanafana dance




Bo Nanafana Social Club & Future Radio’s Steve Arlene team up to create a fantastic Friday club night at the Talk. Dance floor, mirrored pillars, DJ’s and VJ’s, plus 2 of the rootsiest, funkiest, soul and blues outfits this side of the pond.

The James Hunter Six seem to spend most of their time nowadays sprinting from festival to theatre in the United States & Europe, and their continued hard work has reaped the rewards. ‘Baby Hold On’ was released on Daptone Records out of Brooklyn, NYC, earlier this year to critical acclaim. James has shared the stage with Etta James, Van Morrison, Taj Mahal, Chris Issac and many musicians flock to see him and to hear his remarkable voice, guitar playing and over the years his increased mastery of writing the song.
The band are bona fide kings of the soul groove, so make sure you bring your dancing shoes! We’re gonna party

Big Joe Louis & His Blues Kings is easily one of the UK’s finest blues outfits. They have got the rock! I’ve seen the band a million times, but they were sensational at this years Red Rooster Festival. Big Joe, born Jamaica, West Indies moved to London in the 70’s, has been releasing records since ’89 with worldwide success, had a 2 year stint with the Big Town Playboys in the 2000’s, but this outfit right now…. well they’re OUTASIGHT!!

We’ve got some fabulous soul/blues DJ’s in the 2 Kevs…. sounds like the making’s of a top evening.


The previous night I paid a visit to The Murderers for the always wonderful Fine City Blues night. This gig presented by Steve Morphew (also of Future Radio) and Dave Thomas has really established itself as the regular, high quality weekly blues gig.  This week we were treated to the full Dove and Boweevil band who were in tremendous for, two sets totally over an hour and a half flew by, Boweevil with his new guitar pedal was in particularly fine and smiling form and we were even treated to a couple of guest appearances from Ron Sayer.


dove and boweevil

Dove and Boweevil



Tonight is The Mad Professor plus Rebel Lion at Norwich Arts Centre. I am not sure I have any energy left but that’s the top draw for Saturday night.


all rights reserved (c) shashamane 2016


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