Gig round-up, Phoebe Troup, Morganway, OosWolf, Fine City Blues, Field Alive, Nobodaddy etc. August 2016

A weird couple of weeks with my camera at the Canon hospital for check-ups, I had my own hospital check-ups but the gigs still come thick and fast and from the NNUH to Cactus Cafe Bar I enjoyed one of the most fun and varied OosWolf nights so far. Shane O’Linski’s music nights here are eclectic and there is a somewhat chaotic and unpredictable air to the events which for me is a large part of its appeal, along with some of the most interesting music in the city too of course. The atmosphere is relaxed and the cafe is always full of musicians and music fans.  I don’t think I arrived in time to catch all the acts but I still managed to enjoy Olinski, Camille Davile (who was brilliant!), Chai, the mighty Predawn, an astonishing set from Eiyuze, Blisster, and a Blank Lines Duo set which actually grew as the set wore on with various people joining.




camille davila

Camille Davila




Amy during the Eiyuze set


Shane with Eiyuze



cactus cafe bar

Waltzing to Camille Davila

shane o'linski

Shane O’Linski


The lovely Blisster are always fun and I was glad to finally get a copy of their CD, Camille Davila played an utterly charming set which delighted everyone, even getting Shane to join her on a cover of Syd Barrett’s Here I Go. Predawn were also great and Eiyuze was a revelation, starting on his own with guitar and keys Richard was soon joined by a multitude of friends to form some glorious and sometimes quite experimental sounds. I absolutely loved it.



The next trip from a hospital checkup to a gig was complete with early signs of a migraine but I just did not want to miss Phoebe Troup who was playing for Head Out Not Home at St. Gregory’s. It turned out Jose was working sound and I saw a succession of other friends come over for the music making for a very pleasant evening, meaning I actually stayed for all three of Phoebe’s sets. It was gorgeous and soothing, I love her voice, playing and storytelling which is imaginative, evocative and at times very witty with some clever wordplay … my first time hearing the term ‘composting techniques’ rhyming with cheek in song. It’s no surprise to learn she’s on a creative writing course, she’s rapidly become a big favourite of mine, can’t wait to see her at an Arts Centre or Grapevine gig.

phoebe troup

Phoebe Troup

phoebe troup and

Phoebe Troup

After a trio of Phoebe Troup sets I was still not ready to head home and caught an enthusiastic, joyous set by The Lovin’ Handfull who had everyone singing and dancing along with them.  Being Norwich Music City, UK there was still much on offer for the rest of the Thursday evening so I went to the Murderers with Mojo Preachers for Fine City Blues before making my weary way back home.

mojo preachers

Mojo Preachers

At the weekend in a field farm in Suffolk the adorable Hot Raisin hosted a lovely event which featured Hello Bear, Lovin’ Handful, Turfclub Racebook, Zacharie Lambert, Don’t Lose Heart, as well as Hot Raisin themselves who performed as acoustic duo and with Hello Bear as the Electic Raisins. Gorgeous event with a lovely festival-party atmosphere, many thanks to Hot Raisin and all involved.

field alive, hot raisin

Hot Raisin

hot raisin

Hot Raisin


field alive


My latest visit to Eaton Park Cafe was for Nobodaddy but so busy was it on this occasion that the only table available was in the outside area which was beautiful on a mild summer evening with lovely food and the sounds of Nobodaddy drifting on the night breeze.



Nobodaddy at Eaton Park Cafe


It’s been some weeks since I last went to the Plasterers but Morganway provided a perfect reason to rectify that for a Sunday Funday session.









… and there was still time to catch a free gig at The Owl to end the weekend.





More photos to follow.


all rights reserved (c) shashamane 2016


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