Outline’s 15th Birthday Party @ The Owl Sanctuary 23 July 2016

What a deservedly top-drawer line up and celebration for the indispensable Norwich Bible, Outline. Every act a revelation for the uninitiated. I had seen most of them before and although we sadly lost Milly Hirst from the bill to heat exhaustion I was absolutely blown away by some of the other familiar names, such as Graceland starting the night shortly after 7:30pm whilst the also wonderful Chad Mason was playing downstairs at the same time. Norwich Music City, UK even manages to create gig clashes in the same venue!  The whole event had a real micro-festival feel with a relentless line-up of talent both upstairs and downstairs at The Owl, with DJs including Hot Damn to close the night. Huge thanks and credit must go to Lizz for putting this all together. Outline is a vital resource in Norwich and 15 years is a huge achievement. There was a joyous party atmosphere in the Owl, festooned with balloons, party hats, old Outline pictures, cake, beer and music.

the owl sanctuary


outline party


chad mason

Another Chad Mason


I’m not quite sure what is going on with Graceland and foot injuries at the moment but no sooner does one dispense with the crutches than another takes them up … Rosie the latest casualty, breaking her foot whilst disembarking from a London bus in the Klang Haus preparations but nevertheless taking her place onstage for the latest Graceland gig. They were glorious, each time I see them I think they are the best yet, despite the intensely hot and sweaty conditions the girls did not hold back and delivered a blistering set. They have rapidly made themselves one of my top favourite Norwich bands.







Pleasingly Chad was still only mid-set when I went downstairs, playing a well-received set. There was little escape from the heat actually, particularly intense upstairs but nothing was gong to prevent people having a party with further amazing highlights from an especially powerful and intense Birds of Hell, Magoo, and The Vagaband upstairs and Sink Ya Teeth downstairs with further music from MCs No Half Steppin’ and Hot Damn on the decks to close the night, and what a night it was!


birds of hell

Birds of Hell



Magoo played a sensational set too.


The mighty Vagaband closed the evening upstairs with a well chosen set mixing the lively with the thoughtful, following some frenetic reels and an insane few minutes for Gabrielle we had one of my favourite moments of the set, A Town With No Name, some unexpectedly dubby drums and really restrained playing highlighting the deserted, haunted feel of the song and the place, complete with eerie “ghost train” shrieks from Ali. The Owl had a punchy, beefiness to the sound which really suited The Vagaband very well indeed.


the vagaband

The Vagaband



Big thanks to Lizz, all at Outline, The Owl Sanctuary, and all the acts and djs.




outline party 3

outline partyoutline party


all rights reserved (c) shashamane 2016









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