Andy Sacre, 1970-2016

On the day that we learned that another music legend, Prince, had been lost in this strange year I went to the B2 to see Milly Hirst supporting Benjamin Francis Leftwich in front of a sellout crowd. I have very rarely been to the B2 but on my last visit there I spent much of the evening with my good friend and Norwich music legend known to most of us as Andy Sacre. As Benjamin was closing his set this time, I headed to Cactus Cafe Bar to try and catch Iain Lowery’s Thanks at OosWoolf. It was a typically eclectic and brilliant night of fun there with so many friendly and familar faces, dozens of mutual friends of Andy’s.  I was wishing at the time that he was there and missed him.  The following morning I opened up my email and learned the news via this blog from his colleagues that Andy had died. This was a devastating shock and I spent much of the day in a haze, questioning my sanity and re-reading the message over and over,  wondering if I had misunderstood it in some ghastly way.  There had been concern about him recently as he had become very quiet and was not seen for a while. I had heard nothing from him since the beginning of the month when we chatted on email and he sent me some of his recordings. I listened to them many times again during the day and with this news some of the lyrics were just heartbreakingly sad. Breaking the awful news to friends was a desperately difficult thing to do and the shock was palpable. I’ve only known Andy a few years but time is immaterial when one connects with such a soul as his. Reading reactions throughout the day it became obvious that he touched hundreds of people in a similar way. Everyone speaking of his generosity of spirit, time, energy and talent. His love of music and his care and kindness for others was a common experience of this beautiful and humble soul. I do so hope he had just some inkling of how much love there was and is for him.


lord mayor's weekend


We shall all miss him so much, those big twinkling eyes under that hat, his constant concern for others and his remarkable talents as a musician (a multi instrumentalist at that), with a beautiful voice which we did not hear often enough.  He was involved in so many musical projects, not just as a player but also as a producer. Some of my dearest friends are people whom I met through and because of Andy and he also introduced me to so many bands I loved via those unforgettable nights at The Blueberry. Wreck Age, Vicars of Stiffkey, Kamensko to name just a few, plus of course his own Earthquakes played there several times.  He would set things up, run around making sure the sound was just right, make sure everyone was ok, and still manage to enjoy the gigs. I shall remember him wide-eyed with joy and wonder watching The Grazing Saints, and the two of us turning to each other with tears welling up just after we heard Milly perform Mary for the very first time.


Of course Andy was instrumental in putting together a fundraiser to replace the smashed guitar of Adrian Howes, another unforgettable day and something that showed what Andy was all about. We spoke a lot late at nights and I know just how much effort, care, and love he devoted to that to help a fellow musician and friend.


adrian's fundraiser


His loss as a friend, musician, artist and all round lovely, gentle, sensitive, caring person is just immeasurable. I am still struggling to take this all in.  On the day we learned this news Chad made the comment that “We should all try and be at a gig this evening, it would have made someone very happy”, this is so true.  With some coaxing from my good friends I did head towards The Plasterers, a perfect place to be. The place was packed, it was loud, it was emotional, and crucially it was full with lots of his friends. It was quite healing and helped being around mutual friends.  As for the music?  It was perfect with amazing sets from Epia, Sink Ya Teeth, and the extraordinary duo Soyuz Rats who somehow seemed to turn what was going on in my head into a glorious, cacophonous musical soundtrack. I recognised one half of Soyuz Rats as Mantid Snip, who played at The Church of Art during the Lanes Fayre last year, another gig where Andy worked tirelessly above and beyond the call of duty making for an unforgettable event.  


andy sacre

Andy, at a gig filming on his infamous “crapcam” after a hat-swap with Adrian Howes.

andy sacre

His constant support for people has been a recurring theme in conversation over the past few days. For me, he was always so appreciative and supportive of what I do and telling me that he read every posting I did even if it was about something not necessarily he would expect to like, because he was just so interested in music. He let people know that he cared and supported them. He was so much better with people than he knew and he always spoke so highly of everyone when we chatted. He had so much love for people and music.


We would sometimes chat online late at night and I learned a lot about Andy through these conversations which would often go on until dawn. I have been busying myself with gigs but it’s at these quiet hours afterwards late at night when I am feeling his loss in a big, big way. He was a sincerely lovely and genuine soul with no agenda other than to help others and create art. I always knew he was special but now I am learning just how special.

There is some talk and hope of a musical tribute of some kind when the time is right. In the meantime, friends can meet at The Owl on Thursday to celebrate the Andy Sacre Experience and listen together to some of his music.



Yesterday I saw The Vagaband, again at The Plasterers. The Whistling Song has never felt more poignant. They paid tribute to Prince with an amazing and unexpected version of Purple Rain but in a way also did to Andy, closing with a cover of He Was a Friend of Mine.


We all have our feelings, thoughts and memories of Andy and this piece is just about the Andy I knew. I hope nobody will think it insensitive to share my thoughts but I just feel I need to express them. I’ve been filling my time with lots of music but now have to express this loss and accept it.

Rest in Peace Andy, and Love Loudly too. I hope you’re playing lots of music with all these musicians where you are now. We should all remember to Loveloudly.


Hodmedod’s tribute to Andy.


adrian's fundraiser

andy sacre

jessie q and the earthquakesjessie q and the earthquakes

night time norwich 63

miss mutemiss mute 1


Thanks to Frank Maiale for this hat photo, I found it very moving.

andy sacrelord mayor's weekend

adrian's fundraiser

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18 Responses to Andy Sacre, 1970-2016

  1. It’s all so sad Richard, for you and for all of his many friends. You have made a lovely tribute to a lovely man. Andy will be sadly missed. Norwich has lost a very talented artist, musician and music producer. His work will live on as indeed he will too in the hearts of people who had the good fortune to meet him. RIP

  2. Sam says:

    I really like the photos that capture some really special moments and a great smile. RIP

  3. Steve Clark says:

    Well written Richard. I was in a couple of bands with Andy probably around fifteen years ago. Although I lose track of time. It was great see him back on the music scene again. Last spoke to him at Jurnets at the end of last year when I had a gig there. Love your photos.

  4. Just to echo Steve’s words above.

  5. Michael Hall says:

    Thanks for your beautifully written piece. I was in bands with Andy in the 90’s. He was ridiculously talented and a lovely man. Absolute tragedy.

  6. Brigid hayward says:

    Thank you for this blog, Andy did the artwork for the Norfolk Organic group, the best designer and artist I have known.Its great to see these photos and hear his music, what a talent and so truly genuine. He was a lovely man, I was so sorry to hear the news.

  7. shashamane says:

    Thanks everyone. I mainly knew Andy through the music community in Norwich and he obviously touched and helped us all, as well as so many in other areas of his life which I am learning about now through all the tributes and comments. A tragic loss of a lovely man and beautiful soul.

  8. Marion Catlin says:

    I knew Andy years ago when I employed him as a designer. I am sorry to say that I have nopt seen him for years and had actually forgotten him but I always knew him as Andy Crofts and so probably didn’t put two and two together. Sad to say I didn’t hear him play (not sure how I missed that) but glad to see so many tributes to him – when I finally realised who people were talking about. he was young. Hopefully he is at peace in whatever way that means for him.

  9. Brigid Hayward says:

    Can you post when the funeral will take place please

  10. Adrian Blyth says:

    I was very privileged to have played
    drums with Andy and Gary in a band 22 yrs ago called Chlorine, he was a fantastic song writer and a smashing bloke, will miss you dearly Andy X

  11. Esther says:

    I met Andy at Rigby Print in 1998 when I did a traineeship in graphic design there, via a college in the Netherlands. Some years later, we ended up in a band called Big Sister together for a while, which was a great time in my life. It was truly lovely to discover this tribute, and to read the comments – I have heard of some of the other bands mentioned here, as well as his design work. May his music be remembered, as well as the person he was. I am comforted to know he has found some peace now. He had a lot to do with me moving to the UK, and I will always appreciate that.
    Thanks Andy ❤

    • lisa says:

      I met Andy a few years ago now, I have since moved back up North I was very shocked when I heard the news ……Lovely talented Bloke RIP ❤

  12. Nick Johnson says:

    does any one know about the funera;

  13. John says:





  14. Nick Bishop says:

    Beautiful piece. Thanks for writing this. I only knew Andy for a brief while – we were both trustees of the fund for Adrian’s guitar along with Nic Leech (also sadly passed a few months ago). A more gentle sweet natured man it would be hard to find.

  15. Pingback: The Andy Sacre Experience @ The Owl Sanctuary 20 April 2017 | norwich blog

  16. Richard says:

    I’ve just seen this, really sad news. I worked with Andy back in 2005/06, he helped out with design work. Very talented designer, always loved his work. I think he was an illustrator as well, which is how I’ve just found out about his passing, I googled his name as I was looking to see if he still did drawings of peoples shops for a local art magazine, I was going to commission him to do some work. Sad news, a truly lovely guy. RIP Andy.

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