Misty Miller, Emily Winng, The Lolas @ NAC 15 April 2016

Misty Miller, Emily Winng, The Lolas at Norwich Arts Centre, 15 April 2016

On yet another dismal evening of April showers I made my way to the NAC for a gig which had almost slipped under my radar, something that would have been regrettable as Misty Miller is a gem of a discovery.  It was the fact that our brilliant Emily Winng was supporting that made me want to go but I obviously checked out a few videos of Misty Miller who on the evidence of Next to You seemed right up  my street. Grungy, feisty and punky I liked her sound and attitude.  There’s a video on YouTube with Misty tiptoeing through bluebells to a ukelele led, folky track. That is not what we got tonight, it was something far meatier.

misty miller

Misty Miller at Norwich Arts Centre



First on were the Lolas, a very young trio of lads whose drummer only joined a week earlier and did a great job. I need to hear them again to form an opinion I think. I enjoyed the first couple of songs although the between song banter was a little awkward they can certainly play and have a good sound but after a few songs I wasn’t quite feeling it though they were playing to just a couple of dozen people or so.


the lolas


Emily Winng was next up with full band tonight (she announced they were drunk! 🙂 ) it was good to see and hear them on the beautifully lit NAC stage. I feel the sound is evolving a bit and in interesting directions, the new songs are great and I just adore Emily’s attitude and delivery. One of my favourite local acts and a superb choice to share the bill with Misty. The set was played in great spirit and it was, as ever, compelling throughout. The set ended with an astonishing new song which, believe it or not, felt like a morph of Boosh-esque crimping and The Beatles’ melody for The Word!


emily winngemily winng



It is to Misty Miller’s great credit that she was present for the duration of both support slots before her own appearance onstage. Her live sound did not disappoint, she looked and sounded the part with her Gibson guitar and fine band.  I read somewhere a comparison with Chrissie Hynde but for me it is more PJ Harvey and The Velvet Underground, with some Mary Chain and Elastica. Just 21 she has a terrific stage presence and the songs to go with it too, and with her own strong identity. I bought the album The Whole Family is Worried afterwards and it is one of those that one just wants to listen to on repeat and that is exactly what I have been doing. Her music is a breath of fresh air and makes me feel young hearing it.

misty miller


The NAC was far from full but the atmosphere was good and everyone was digging it, not least the band themselves though the bassist may have been just a tad too eager to show off his torso tattoos but what a great sound they all make together. The 45 minute set flew by, I suspect we had the full album played live. “Devil” and “Next to You” at the end were personal set highlights.  Catch her on this tour if you can. Misty Miller has “it” in abundance.


misty miller




misty millermisty millermisty millermisty millermisty miller



Many thanks to NAC and congrats on excellent sound.


The previous evening I was at The Murderers for the excellent weekly Fine City Blues night which featured a welcome return for the wonderful Delta Groove … nice to see Dave Thomas onstage with them for a number or two.


dave thomas, delta groove


Dave also played the Sunday Blues Session at The Plasterers with Mark “Boweevil” Howes and Gareth Tucker.


dave thomas, mark howes, gareth tucker



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