Fractured Rooms by Days To, new album

Fractured Rooms is the new album by Days To, a project by Oskari Kuusela which features a whole host of other local musicians, including Mick Amato, Bromley, Andy Croft, Justina, Oli Hanney, David Indge, Ben Layne, Chad Mason, Jessica Le Fay Marie, Shane O’Linski, Joe Quinn, Richard Ringer … et al.




It’s impressively and lovingly put together with an great chemistry between the musicians and I was immediately hugely captivated by and immersed in this album and its atmosphere. It sometimes has a 60s Velvets, and even a Gainsbourg vibe with almost spoken word delivery on one or two tracks and is quite varied but manages to keep a cohesive feel to the whole work. More and more I am finding myself drawn to this particular album not only when the mood grabs me but also when I can’t decide what to listen to and each time this is the one that calls to me and it seems better still with each listen.


One of the most interesting and creative debut releases with fascinating and brilliant contributions from all involved.  I would urge you to give it a listen and you may then go on to buy it, either as a download or a physical CD release:  It certainly deserves your ears.


Here is just one of the many songs I love, this one featuring Joe and Justina. You Light Me Up:




Big congratulations to all involved on a hugely impressive release. Thanks Oskar.



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2 Responses to Fractured Rooms by Days To, new album

  1. Congratulations Oskari. A most brilliant album!

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