Eastern Seaboard, Milly Hirst @ The Bicycle Shop 6 April 2016

Eastern Seaboard “Forests” album launch, with Milly Hirst at The Bicycle Shop, Norwich for Dreams Music 6 April 2016


The occasion of this gig in the atmospheric Handlebar of The Bicycle Shop was the launch night of Eastern Seaboard’s excellent second album, Forests.  Support coming from the ever wonderful Milly Hirst.




Milly it was who opened the music with a quietly assured and flawless set of about half an hour  with a mix of old and new songs, You Are Lovely making a very welcome return to the set (as “the country song”), one of my early favourites of Milly’s.  Closing the set with the background story to one of her recent classics, Mary brought the applause to even louder levels. The audience was a mix of people who’ve heard her before and some hearing her for the first time but everyone was united in their impressed and loudly appreciative reaction. I’m most pleased to have Milly back gigging again.

milly hirst


Dave Guttridge aka Dj78 was guesting on bass tonight for Eastern Seaboard and was obviously blown away by her set too, remarking on his way to the stage “How do we follow that?!”  What did follow was an hour long set of lovely music from the two albums beautifully played and with wonderful harmonies. The band hit just the right tone and the Bicycle Shop is the perfect venue for them. I’ve seen the band in various places but this was the best yet and helped too by spot-on sound from Ian of Dreams Music.


eastern seaboard


One of the songs was Moondust, inspired by the book of the same name by Andrew Smith, featuring interviews with those who have set foot on the moon. Guy in his introduction said it was one they hadn’t played in ages but I would not have guessed, it sounded sublime to me.  Milly, who also features on some of the album tracks, joined the band for a number on a truly beautiful night of music in a great atmosphere.


I have also enjoyed listening to the album today, officially released on 8 April it can be found on iTues here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/forests/id1086706914


And on Bandcamp here: http://easternseaboard.bandcamp.com/


Paul at Soundclash in Norwich has CDs for £8, and we highly recommend that you support your local independent record store.

You can also purchase CDs from our friend Andy’s Amazon page here:



We would love it if you went to our Bandcamp page,


…where an album download in all kinds of high quality formats is £7. You can also buy a CD copy direct from us, which includes an immediate download.

The Amazon Mp3 download is here:


iTunes is here:


You can stream the album on Soundcloud here:



The journey home was a dry and pleasant one reflecting on a lovely evening of very fine music.


night time norwich


Sunday afternoon was once again spent at The Plasterers for the blues session with Dove and Boweevil as a duo but joined for a few numbers by Dave Thomas and their bassist Paul Williams.  Next week Mark and Dave are back for a Dave and Boweevil set in the same pub.



dove and boweevildove and boweevildove and boweevildove and boweevildove and boweevil

On this occasion though, the heavens opened in dramatic thunderstorm fashion for another drenching on the journey home, the same happened the previous evening in both directions as I was at another couple of gigs, the return of Pedz in one of his new ventures, Bristol band The Gin Bowlers who were swing all the way in a very convivial and busy Reindeer.  They were fun. About 10pm I headed over to Cactus Cafe Bar, hoping I hadn’t missed Phoebe Troupe.  The place was absolutely rammed with a very unfamiliar crowd when I arrived … something to do with darts and Epic, evidently. So packed I could not even see a couple of the acts playing but things did calm down and later I was able to see Bavarian Rocket Group, and a superb set by BeBox. There’s something I am really loving about Cactus Cafe Bar and the eclectic and unpredictable OosWolf music nights there. Either I had missed Phoebe or there was a change to the line-up but I still had a great time and love the fact there are always friends there.


the gin bowlers



bavarian rocket group

Bromley, refuelling between Bavarian Rocket Group numbers at Cactus Cafe Bar.



all rights reserved (c) shashamane 2016

















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