Dirty Stop Outs @ The Murderers, No Holy Men, Birds of Hell, The Grazing Saints 19 February 2016

No Holy Men, Birds of Hell, The Grazing Saints for Dirty Stop Outs at The Murderers, Norwich 19 February 2016


Dirty Stop Outs returned after a brief winter hiatus with a strong line up that drew quite a sizeable crowd. The night kicked of with a darkly powerful and brooding Grazing Saints, all the band sounding strong and menacing. Bill on sound worked wonders with some field repairs to the system which never once interfered with the performances. The Saints’ set seemed to pass so quickly though. A great band who are always compelling.

grazing saints


It feels a little while since I saw Birds of Hell and it was certainly the first time I’ve seen Pete with a full Birds of Hell band. It really worked too, outstanding in fact. The sentiments of the songs as well as the humour went down really well with those in the audience hearing these songs for the first time. I enjoyed the new ones being showcased tonight and my only disappointment was that Pete forgot to bring any copies of the 7″ vinyl of Boa along with him.



birds of hell


birds of hell


No Holy Men made a big impression on me when I saw them at the Arts Centre before Christmas and this trio of tutors seemed to generate a lot of interest in their appearance tonight. I like what they do and pick up all sorts of possible influences, most obviously Patti Smith but also The Velvets, Nick Cave, and even the Ramones. There’s a lot of loud and powerful stuff going on but that makes the quieter, slower ones all the more powerful. I love Everything is Broken, and another which reminded me a little of Because the Night. Alex has a quite sensational voice.


no holy men



Many thanks to all the dark bands on offer tonight, Dan and Robbie of Dirty Stop Outs, and the amazing Rob on sound who worked wonders in what must have been some trying circumstances. Beseiged by issues to the increasingly notorious Murderers PA (I hope the pub will invest in this, it is otherwise such a fantastic venue but needs wizards for sound engineers at the moment) Rob kept everything running smoothly and the sound he produced was excellent.


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