Rope Store, SuperGlu, Mr. David Viner @ NAC 13 February 2016

Rope Store, SuperGlu, Mr. David Viner at Pony Up, Norwich Arts Centre, 13 February 2016


rope store


Pony Up hosting the launch for Rope Store’s second single, That’s Not Good Enough, was something I’d been looking forward to for many weeks – it featured an incredibly strong and diverse line-up too with Mr. David Viner opening.  He made a big impression on me when I saw him deliver the darkest set I’d heard at an OST night some months back, with a lot of dry humour too. When I got home after that set I promptly bought most of his back catalogue on download.  All alone with his guitar in front of a largely unfamiliar audience tonight his songs were just as dark this time around, for Valentine’s he dedicated I’d Love to Kill You (“I love you, I love you, I love you, I’d Love to Kill You”) to an audible gasp within the audience. By the time it came to the brilliantly sinister So Well Hid I think everyone got what he was about and enjoyed this a lot. I was pleased to be able to pick up a vinyl copy of his splendid album, although trying to keep it dry from the infuriating post-gig cycle journey home in the rain that seems commonplace lately was a challenge.



mr. david viner


SuperGlu were a tremendous shock to my system after this, energetic and very loud this tight and enthusiastic band from Manningtree, made a big impression. I didn’t catch the entire set but saw and heard enough to know what those who raved about them afterwards were talking about. Powerful and fun.





Rope Store are struck by Sod’s Law where vinyl pressings are concerned, for their first single launch at The Brickmakers recently the single wasn’t actually ready. Tonight the first one was but the single that was actually being launched today was not. No mind, we can pick that up another time, tonight was about enjoying them on the stage.  The sound crew did an amazing job of getting the sound just right for the style of the band, who have had some personnel changes since I last saw them but still featured “up to eleven” members on the stage including the horn section from Lobster and Jacob Solstice on guitar.  Set up with a full pronged front-of-stage attack from Jason, Gemma, James and Georgie plus strong drums, keys, bass and percussion the sound was full and big and extremely enjoyable. I loved hearing everything so clearly, including the horns, cowbells, bongos and the like. Everyone looked relaxed and as well as the incredibly catchy singles I really loved the blaxploitation soul towards the end of the set.

They are a uniquely special and evolving band who put on great shows. Around 11pm everyone reconvened at the bar for some dj sets from several of the band.  Thanks Rope Store, there is a lot of love for you!

rope store



Many thanks to Pony Up, NAC, Rope Store, Mr. David Viner, and SuperGlu.


mr. david vinerrope store


rope store


rope store


Outside afterwards, during a photo shoot-off with Georgie, I spotted Jack Valentine, at which point Pirate Joe and Slightly Offensive Steve also appeared. Only in Norwich 🙂



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