Owl Sanctuary update 03 February 2016

Great news from the Owl Sanctuary this Wednesday evening!




Firstly apologies for the lack of posts lately, as you can imagine it’s been pretty hectic. Firstly we wanted to thank everyone who came out for our final weekend in a building we have loved so much over the past years and we considered home.

When we set out on building The Owl we had no clue if people would understand or grasp what we were trying to achieve through music…Strength, Unity & Community and over the past few weeks it has been proven that people not only grasped it but supported it more than we could have ever imagined, as was proven through the sheer numbers on petitions set up via CAMRA, the letters sent from people like Clive Lewis MP and the crowdfunding set up by the amazing people at Outline Magazine. Thank you seems such a small phrase to cover what it means to us but we are genuinely truly thankful for what everyone has done to help us in any way.

At the end of the day, 25 Cattle Market St was our home and will always mean a lot to us but it’s only bricks and mortar. The Owl Sanctuary is and always will be the people inside those bricks, the bands playing shows, the people at the gigs, at the bar, playing pool, donating soup and the ethos and ethics they carry with them and that cannot be destroyed.

That said after looking into several different options we have found our new home located on Timber Hill in the city and we aim to be open again on February 19th at 5pm, it’s an ambitious deadline but we feel it’s achievable.

The new music venue and bar will be the same capacity and all shows currently booked after those dates will be going ahead as planned in the new Owl Sanctuary and this would not have been possible without the Crowdfunding page Outline set up and people donated to, this will pay not only the deposit on the new building but also our staffs wages while we are closed with any left going to the mental health charity MIND.

The past month have been horrid, being forced to deal with people we would normally avoid, people who’s actions and ethics or lack of we find utterly repugnant but hopefully now we can get on with doing what we love, booking rad bands and having good times….after a few weeks of getting covered in paint again.

Seriously, thank you and well done.

Be excellent to each other.

Dan, Dan, Mackie, Chris, Josie, Chappers, Oz, Lee, Jack, Jack, Sam, Simon Sophie, Kelly & Ellen

UPDATE : The Owl Sanctuary building on Cattle Market Street has now been given ACV status and cannot be demolished or redeveloped without planning permission.














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