Music House Acoustic-ish Session, Hot Raisin, Yve Mary B, Joe Quinn, Eloise Shaw, Stepson in Tow @ Jurnet’s Bar 15 Jan. 2016

The Music House Acoustic-ish Session at Jurnet’s Bar, Norwich, with Stepson in Tow, Joseph Quinn, Hot Raisin, Yve Mary B, and Eloise Shaw 15 January 2015


This week’s Acoustic-ish Session in one of my favourite venues, Jurnet’s, was curated by Shane O’Linski but when I arrived it was to Andrew and Chad in comically surreal form at the mics testing the sound with some Derek & Clive routines and 70s & 80s childrens’ TV references!


First on were Hot Raisin who have quickly made themselves one of my must-see acts and today, a few days after the news we are all still struggling with, Tory started the set with a tribute to David Bowie. A solo rendition of Space Oddity which was both beautiful and incredibly moving. My heartfelt thanks to Hot Raisin for doing this, it was just what I needed to hear.



Tory was then joined by Mary and we had the more familiar Hot Raisin set that included several I have grown extremely fond of; Like a Bear, Wolf in Me Skin, Tiger, Sloth, and closing with Captain.

hot raisin


Next on was Eloise Shaw, new to Norwich from Yorkshire and another name to add to the many in the city with a truly beautiful voice.  She played keys and guitar and was very charming, a few covers in her set it was Wicked Game that I think probably showed off her voice to best effect.  Welcome to Norwich, Eloise, I hope we hear much more from you.

eloise shaw



Joe Quinn is  a much more familiar name on the Norwich gig circuit and tonight he played a solo acoustic set, largely facing away from the room which only heightened the experience of hearing his pained and tortured lyrics which are delivered in such a moving and soulful way.

joe quinn

Joe’s songs always make an impression on me, the sparse arrangement of this delivery is really effective too.

Only a couple of weeks into the new year and I was lucky enough to be hearing Yve Mary B sing live for the third or fourth time already and this was an especially enjoyable one as she had the captive attention of an appreciative music audience that she fully deserves and duly wowed. Ever charming and warm with her incredible voice, she was in fine form.  I’m not sure where Island Song came from but she got up, put her ‘geetar’ down and performed this with just a harmonica and her foot keeping the beat for company. It was a set highlight and got a wildly enthusiastic reaction from the crowd.  As she closed the set it turned out there were a couple of minutes or so to kill so she asked the audience for a song request we could all sing along to. Someone called for Blowin’ in the Wind which she agreed to if we would join in and help out with the lyrics. My friend Mark who was sat nearby somehow got a signal and found the lyrics on his phone and helpfully gave her line prompts. It was a lovely way to close the set.


yve mary b



Closing the evening was Vicar of Stiffkey Will Teather, with his father in law on drums, apparently having only taken them up at the age of 60.  They sounded great in Jurnets, just drums, electric guitar and vocals with some atmospheric amplification. Will’s voice always reminds me a bit of Joy Division songs and I really like the feel of his songs.

stepson in tow




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