Bo Nanafana “LimBo Lounge” NYE with Alabama 3, 31 December 2015

The always amazing Bo Nanafana once again held their New Year’s Eve party at The Talk, dressed to the nines the decoration of the venue was outstanding, the two rooms divided into Heaven and Hell.



bo nanafana, limbo lounge


As a friend remarked when I arrived, one of the beautiful things about a Bo night is the way so many familiar faces and like-minded people always show up, it really does have a Bo family feel and a tremendous positive atmosphere.

bo nanafana, limbo loungebo nanafana, limbo lounge


The costumes on show were again brilliant – at one stage I spotted Jesus dancing with a demon – and the entertainment top drawer. The DJs choosing perfectly, swing dance lessons from Earl Harlem of Swing City, the Shellac Collective playing the devil’s tunes in Hell, Daisy and Alex from Gossamer Thread’s Vaudeville Co., and of course the headliners, The Alabama 3 who were joined tonight by a very special guest, Hank Wangford. The whole evening compered brilliantly by Pete Dobbing.

bo nanafana, limbo lounge


The crowd loved The Alabama 3 and it was incredible to hear them perform Ace of Spades in a tribute to the recent sad loss of Lemmy .

bo nanafana, limbo loungebo nanafana, limbo lounge


A countdown to midnight which led to balloons and ticker tape and of course flowing bubbly followed by more dancing and great tunes. 2016 was seen in in fine style by the incomparable Bo Nanafana. Happy New Year!

bo nanafana, limbo lounge


bo nanafana, limbo loungebo nanafana, limbo lounge


Many thanks to Bo Nanafana, all the acts, and the great crowd.


Photos (c) all rights reserved Richard Shashamane 2016



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