Jinder, Emily Winng, Peter James Millson, Grapevine@ Bedfords 9 December 2015

Jinder, Emily Winng Band, Peter James Millson – Grapevine at Bedfords, Bedfords Bar, Norwich 9 December 2015


My second night in succession in Bedfords Bar after the previous evening’s astonishing Jug Jaw’s Beat Club in the Crypt, tonight it was back upstairs in the glorious setting of the top bar for the always lovely monthly Grapevine with a repeat of the line up that wowed everyone earlier in the year. Alas I was laid low with flu at the time and missed it so this was my chance.



It was uncharacteristically a little bit quiet on the numbers side after the recent rammed Grapevines but all the music lovers here were in the mood for the live entertainment on offer. There was no dining on this occasion which perhaps contributed to the feeling of something being a bit different.



Opening was Peter James Millson who travelled up to Norwich with Jinder, they being neighbours in Devon. In a very cool Danny and the Champions of the World t-shirt he played a set of heartfelt and at times melancholic, well crafted songs.  Taking a swig of water between songs he remarked “If nothing else you’ll go home with my hilarious between song banter ringing in your ears”, truth is he was very funny and dry. With something of Morrissey about his humour,  his clever songs went down well with the audience and he even treated us to one at the piano for the first time. But his influences are more along the lines of Prefab Sprout as he alluded to this evening, namechecking his favourite album of Steve McQueen.

peter james millson


It’s always a treat to see Emily play and tonight with full Emily Winng band she was second on and didn’t disappoint. Powerful, gutsy, highly entertaining and unique the set seemed to fly by in moments. Good to hear the new songs, so good in fact that there wasn’t even space for Jamaica in the set. The percussive element of her music is one of its strengths and the band rocked the room probably louder than I have ever heard anyone through the Grapevine PA.  Absolutely wonderful, Emily is one of the Norwich must-sees at the moment.

emily winng


grapevine - iain lowery


This month’s Grapevine was originally to also include Matt Watson but some unavoidable work commitments in London meant that Matt was unable to be here this evening so Jinder closed the night with an extended set and curiously I could not help noticing some similarity in the mannerisms between Matt and Jinder, and also of course their connections to Billy Bragg.



Jinder had a very chatty and witty way between songs and with his introductions, and subjects covered included Aled Jones, George Osborne and his money obsession (in one of his best songs of the night), and the Syrian refugee situation with another poignant and moving song.  It shows that Jinder has been making music for a long time, he’s very talented and accomplished with an expressive songwriting style. The surprise for me was that there weren’t any Townes Van Zandt covers from his recent “Brother Flower” tribute album of Townes songs.

A mellow beginning and end to this month’s Grapevine sandwiching the short but explosive set by the brilliant, brilliant Emily Winng.


Many thanks as always to the wonderfully dedicated and passionate music fans that are Steve and Jan, Dickie on sound, and all the warm and welcoming Bedfords staff, as well as Emily Winng, Jinder, and Peter James Millson.




R. Shashamane 2015















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