Bo Nanafana NYE party @ The Talk, Norwich 31 December

12309746_10153179317315825_8245545445606665328_oLet us all congregate for a wicked New Year’s Eve of divine temptation and unearthly delights. Enter the Limbo Lounge, where Heaven and Hell collide; where everyone’s a saint and we’re all original sinners.

Open your hearts and minds to THE Ministers of the First Presleyterian Church of Elvis the Divine, ALABAMA 3 who’ll be playing country/gospel/delta blues with a rhythm you’ve got to dance to – “soul music with a gun against your head” Manna from the Gods

With heavenly tunes from the Shellac Collective DJ Greg and a wicked mix from DJ Mikey Martinez, hellish cabaret, divine dance class & midnight mass hysteria and more to be announced from the pulpit

Dress fancy: Bible belts and dirty habits, Heaven and Hell, dirty devils and righteous dudes.

Tickets are £25 – online from Eventbrite – and in the flesh from The Rock Collection



Maui Waui, Alabama 3

Alabama 3

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