Danni Nicholls @ Bedfords Crypt, Grapevine Special 19 November 2015

Danni Nicholls, with Max Milligan, at Bedfords Crypt, Norwich. A Grapevine special for the Mockingbird Lane album launch tour, 19 November 2015.

danni nicholls

A very special Grapevine @ Bedfords, on this occasion in Bedfords Crypt, to host Grapevine regular Danni Nicholls who is touring to launch her excellent new album “Mockingbird Lane”, joined by Max Milligan.


danni nicholls

The Crypt looked stunning with soft lighting, a few candles and lava lamps and with beautiful touches to give the stage an “Americana” feel including Steve’s stetson atop a banjo.


danni nicholls

The music played before and between sets was well chosen too with the likes of The Vagaband and The Arlenes represented.



Danni and Max charmed an enthusiastic audience and even got everyone singing (and humming) along.  She’s a girl with a winning smile and is blessed with great winning musical talent too, she certainly has a star quality about her and a very fine attitude. She has the songs too memorable melodies and her voice just feels the real deal and both albums were recorded in Nashville. One must mention the superb contribution tonight from Max who was incredible on guitar. The vast majority of songs were originals with just two or three covers thrown in for good measure, the evening ending with a rousing Folsom Prison Blues.


A really lovely evening which felt an honor to be present at, Danni herself seemed to have a great time and said it is a memory she will treasure.  Great to see The Crypt used in this way for this type of music, it worked very well indeed.


danni nicholls


Huge thanks to Danni and Max, Steve and Jan, Dickie who did a great job on sound, and the terrific Bedfords staff.













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