Miss Mute @ Platform 12, Kamensko @ Walnut Tree Shades 2 September 2015

I only learned of the gig at Platform Twelve a mere hour or two before it was due to happen, from Miss Mute themselves who I believe were a late addition to the bill. This was the First Wednesday Club at Platform Twelve and is promoted by Song Noir.

All through my journey into the city I was aware of vast black, imposing clouds and sure enough the heavens opened almost as soon as I arrived but as it was got a drenching in the few minutes I was outside anyway, and remained soaked all night. It was a bit daunting arriving at the sanctuary from the rain at Platform 12 for Song Noir to find that the door is right next to the stage where Hamid Evans had just started his first ever gig. I was really impressed by this set, great sounds, songs and atmosphere, one song in particular striking a chord for these unsettled times.

Hamid Evans (c) shashamane 2015

Hamid Evans
(c) shashamane 2015

Next up was a solo singer called Naomi Sutherland who had a wonderful voice, finishing her set with a jazzy number perfectly suited to the venue’s ambiance where sketches were being drawn in the audience in this creative vibe. I wish I knew a bit more about this act and how I can hear more.

Naomi (c) shashamane 2015

(c) shashamane 2015

I was here primarily to see my friends Andy and Justina performing in this project called Miss Mute. The two tracks I heard online I loved, their live set this evening I absolutely adored. Almost indescribably beautiful, hypnotic and soulful with something healing, tranquil and reassuring about its feel. I genuinely felt I had witnessed something unique and special. There are a multitude of influences present but the whole is something totally individual and creative, ambient, experimental, fluid and it all works and gels together in a dreamlike beauty. I love the gorgeous gentle touches, even featuring flute on one track and the set closing with the most delicate chime from a tiny bell.

Last summer was the last time I saw them and that was apparently their last gig until now, so it was a very rare treat. I hope it won’t be a year for the next one to take place.

Miss Mute sheltering from the rain before their set (c) shashamane 2015

Miss Mute sheltering from the rain before their set
(c) shashamane 2015

The hypnotic beauty of Miss Mute (c) shashamane 2015

The hypnotic beauty of Miss Mute
(c) shashamane 2015

Miss Mute (c) shashamane 2015

Miss Mute
(c) shashamane 2015

Miss Mute (c) shashamane 2015

Miss Mute
(c) shashamane 2015

My jacket was still so soaked that there was little point putting it on for the walk to the Walnut Tree Shades where Kamensko were just finishing their first set when I arrived. I wasn’t able to see all the acts at Song Noir as I’d already arrange to meet at the Shades for Kamensko. Their second set was a little more playful, experimental and in their own words something of a rehearsal as they’d exhausted their entire catalogue of material in the first set. I tried to convince them to play from the beginning again for the benefit of myself and any other late arrivals but we did get the immense Higher Than the Valley from the recent EP as requested from the audience.

Kamensko (c) shashamane 2015

(c) shashamane 2015

This band definitely stand out in what they do, now I would love to see them again, something tells me they could do an absolute storm somewhere like the Murderers.

Kamensko (c) shashamane 2015

(c) shashamane 2015

words and photos (c) richard shashamane 2015













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2 Responses to Miss Mute @ Platform 12, Kamensko @ Walnut Tree Shades 2 September 2015

  1. Hi Shashamane
    Thank you for this wonderful post about our First Wednesday Club night. The photos are wonderful.

    We have our next month night this Wednesday – check out https://madmimi.com/s/f27cf6#

    I don’t know if you can edit this post but the event was the First Wednesday Club and its promoted by us at Song Noir – http://www.songnoir.com – it would be awesome if you could mention the name of our Club. Next year we plan to build a First Wednesday Club website and also make it a bit easier for the audience to know what the event is!

    Thanks again for a wonderful post.

    Please contact me by email at cliff@cliffordandrews.com – if we need any music photography I would like to be able to contact you.

    Best Wishes


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