Milly Hirst at Glastonbury, 26 June 2015

Norwich is so incredibly proud of our very lovely Milly Hirst who played an unforgettable set on the BBC Introducing Stage at Glastonbury late yesterday afternoon.

Milly Hirst during the BBC Glastonbury coverage (c) BBC

Milly Hirst during the BBC Glastonbury coverage
(c) BBC

She must have felt nerves in the build up but it didn’t affect her performance as she positively thrived and rose to the occasion playing a perfect and well chosen set of 25 minutes or so, her guitar playing was flawless throughout and her voice … her voice! We’ve known for years what she is capable of and the beauty and power of her singing and watching a live feed from the BBC website she was every bit as captivating through the computer screen as she is when one is at the gig itself, in fact I really did feel like I was there. She has tremendous power in her voice but uses it sparingly and to tremendous effect, singing over her finger picking guitar style, soft at times and always so expressive with these beautifully melancholic lyrics.

Introduced by Sophie Little, the set felt over in moments but the gems she played were Kampala, Book or a Film, an outstanding Gentle Sailor, Heptonstall Old Church, and finishing with a glorious Mary, a song which when I heard at its very first live airing early last year caused goosebumps. A song that can move people to tears. At one stage one of the cameras pans to a couple watching and listening absolutely mesmerised. Anyone who has been to her gigs will know that look of someone bowled over by this amazing talent. She did us and herself proud, she may have looked small and vulnerable on that big stage but she sounded big and assured whatever the vulnerable nature of some of the songs or any nerves she may have felt. Listeners could not have failed to be impressed, it was truly magical. Well done Milly, you so deserved this, and thank you also to BBC Introducing for providing the opportunity for her. That’s my Glastonbury highlight already!

Milly Hirst (c) shashamane 2015

Milly Hirst
(c) shashamane 2015

Milly Hirst (c) shashamane 2015

Milly Hirst
(c) shashamane 2015

Milly Hirst (c) shashamane

Milly Hirst
(c) shashamane

Today we are represented by the delightful and talented Raevennan Husbandes. Slightly Offensive Steve and Pirate Joe are also there, I believe.

(c) richard shashamane 2015 video clip from BBC.


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