Chad Mason “May ’14 and More” album launch @ UEA Drama Studio 14 May 2015

words and photos (c) richard shashamane 2015
Chad Mason, album launch for May ’14 and More at the UEA Drama Studio, Norwich. 14 May 2015

Chad Mason's album launch at UEA Drama Studio

Chad Mason’s album launch at UEA Drama Studio

A year ago Chad Mason undertook the project of creating an album in one month, writing and recording all the songs within that time frame. Although the fruits of this labour have been available as a download for some time it seemed perfectly apt to have a proper launch to match its title for the physical CD release.

The background to the project and some of the songs was fascinating, and in true Chad style the set time overan by a good hour or so, not that anyone was complaining about that as it is a big part of his charm.

The launch was a lovely event and the drama studio a perfect setting. A free event starting a little after 7:30pm with Chad coming onstage in quite comical manner. The stage itself was beautiful with blue lighting and a huge canvas print of the album cover on an easel plus a stool and an armchair housing his guitar.

It was a most entertaining set with Chad making us laugh between songs with some of his stories – and with some well delivered lines in song – but also making us think. He’s an incredibly talented chap and raconteur. Some of the highlights for me were the very powerful The Big Push, Another Chad Mason, and also the way he told the tender story of his grandmother, some recordings of whom appear on the record. She sadly passed away at the time of the recordings but he learned was actually born in May 1914.

A lovely and warm gig, with an interval where we all chatted over some wine before a full playing of the recorded album in the studio.

It’s available from: as well as iTunes and Spotify.

Many thanks to Chad Mason.


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