Jack J. Hutchinson Trio, Dave Thomas, Fine City Blues @ The Murderers, 19 March 2015

Jack J. Hutchinson Trio, Dave Thomas. Fine City Blues at The Murderers, Norwich, 19 March 2015

(c) shashamane

(c) shashamane

The Murderers Pub on Timberhill is rapidly and firmly establishing itself as a cool and credible small music venue in Norwich. A lot of work, care, thought and surely expense has gone into totally transforming this space. Dave Thomas now curates a weekly blues night here and there is most certainly a place for some late night music on a school night, though this one finished earlier due to commitments for the Diss Blues Explosion starting the following day, that Dave is involved in.

Dave Thomas (c) shashamane

Dave Thomas
(c) shashamane

Dave it was who opened the night with a short set of some fine blues harp and anecdotes, including a storming cover of Nine Below Zero.

Prematurely introducing the Jack J Hutchinson Trio whilst Jack was still in the gents after a day of over indulging on Lemsips with the dreaded lurg that everyone seems to have had this winter, the band soon took stage and delighted us with two fantastic sets of blues. Strong and expressive voice, guitar, brilliant blues harp and upright bass (bassist sporting a Big Boy Bloater t-shirt) they are a tight unit with great songs, superb players all of them with the perfect onstage personality. Throughout both sets people were clapping and singing along, hollering for more and laughing at the really funny storytelling. This London-based band I believe also perform as a four piece, tonight as a trio was an absolute pleasure to be present at. Lovely people to boot I am pleased to have made it here.

They even played Shake Your Moneymaker twice they enjoyed it so much.

Jack J Hutchinson (c) shashamane

Jack J Hutchinson
(c) shashamane

Jack J Hutchinson Trio (c) shashamane 2015

Jack J Hutchinson Trio
(c) shashamane 2015

Jack J Hutchinson Trio (c) shashamane 2015

Jack J Hutchinson Trio
(c) shashamane 2015

More pics and perhaps some video to come soon…

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