Dove & Boweevil, Space Eagle, Milly Hirst, Thomas Little, Matt Watson 8 March 2015

The Dove and Boweevil Band, Space Eagle at The Walnut Tree Shades. BFR at Gonzo’s Tea Room, feat. Thomas Little, Milly Hirst, Matt Watson. 8 March 2015

The ever popular and busy Sunday gig fest in Norwich had numerous appealing things on offer but I plumped to see Dove and Boweevil at the Walnut Tree Shades, followed by the weekly BFR Sunday session at Gonzo’s, this week featuring Milly Hirst, Thomas Little, and Matt Watson.

Space Eagle were midway through the set when I arrived at the Shades but sounding in fine form with some tremendous blues harp. I only caught two or three songs unfortunately but did catch both sets by Dove and Boweevil who had hot-footed it over from an earlier gig at the splendid Stanford Arms in Lowestoft. They played quite a selection from the forthcoming album, the new songs sounding an absolute treat, really fresh and fitting into the set perfectly. Special mention to the excellent sound this afternoon too.

Dove and Boweevil Band (c) shashamane

Dove and Boweevil Band
(c) shashamane

Dove and Boweevil Band (c) shashamane

Dove and Boweevil Band
(c) shashamane

As soon as they finished I made my way to Gonzo’s, where it seemed Milly was just starting as I could hear her haunting voice and the words of Kampala piped down London Street, a surreally beautiful moment. Her voice sounded sumptuous as ever in a hushed and candlelit but still extremely dark Gonzo’s. She played two songs especially for International Women’s Day, one for her mother and one for “Mary”. Gorgeous.

Milly Hirst (c) shashamane

Milly Hirst
(c) shashamane

Next on was Matt Watson, who has been more active around the country than he has in Norwich lately, so it was good to catch up and very impressive to witness him getting the whole room singing along with him. He judged the mood well and largely played a quieter more restrained set for the Sunday evening crowd.

Matt Watson (c) shashamane

Matt Watson
(c) shashamane

Closing the night on what was probably one of my favourite Gonzo’s music nights so far was a very impressive Thomas Little. Another new name on me but I liked his voice and must check out some more of his work.

I didn’t take many photos at Gonzo’s as it is so incredibly dark I didn’t think there would be much point but to my surprise they are just about usable, so apologies to Thomas for not having any pics here.

photos and video (c) all rights reserved Shashamane, 2015

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