Rainbow Girls second album pledge appeal

Some of my happiest memories of this summer – and indeed last summer too – are of getting to know, hear, and see the Rainbow Girls do their special, joyous and life-affirming thing of playing music and singing. I’ve rarely come across such a positive group of people who have such a natural joy and desire to make music. They sing and play with smiles on their faces, stomping across Europe and their home state of California.

Rainbow Girls second album pledge

Rainbow Girls

Rainbow Girls

rainbow girls

Rainbow Girls

Rainbow Girls

As is the case with many bands however, they don’t always get the financial rewards their talents deserve and if we are to hear a second album we’re going to have to give them a little help, and this is easily done with their just-launched Pledge campaign at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/rainbow-girls-second-album/x/8935648#home where they are trying to raise the funds for the studio time and all the related costs involved in releasing an album. Pledges range from a simple donation of any amount, or a pre-order of the album at $20 (or $25 for UK orders), to t-shirts, posters, various other bits and bobs, right up to a personal wedding/birthday/party (States-side) gig.

rainbow girls

rainbow girls

rainbow girls

rainbow girls

These girls were put on this earth to play music and sing with their gorgeous harmonies, playing with such joy that it is impossible not to be charmed and enchanted by them. They bring colour, joy, and positive energy wherever they go and the world needs a lot of that. Really lovely people too.

They are good friends of Norwich and have delighted us on several occasions, now we have a chance to repay a bit of that, by donating any amount however large or small or spreading the word. These girls are special and I for one would love to hear a new album by them … the new songs I heard in the summer are terrific. They’ve formed strong bonds wherever they go, in England, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, and I feel especially in Norwich … nobody who was there at the Ten Bells last year will ever forget that gig. I am grateful to the Vagaband bringing them over after seeing them at The Maverick Festival, and of course Blue House Music for putting them on there in the first place, and another memorable gig on their tour this summer, at the Arts Centre with The Vagaband and Marty O’Reilly. Let’s try and help make this happen.

rainbow girls

rainbow girls

rainbow girls

rainbow girls

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