Jug Jaw’s Beat Club @ Bedfords Crypt, 29 September 2014

Jug Jaw’s Beat Club, with Little Red Kings, Chasing Creation, and Lank Smith & the Pythons at Bedfords Crypt, Norwich. 29 September 2014

These Jug Jaw’s nights in the Crypt are genuinely exciting and events I look forward to very much. I’m clearly not alone in this as Bedfords Crypt was rammed (on a Monday night!) for the latest get together, tonight with Little Red Kings as headliners, and Chasing Creation supporting them. Of course we also had Lank Smith & the Pythons as house band, who I would actually come and see if they were the only act on the bill they are so good. The fact they put on other great bands is another huge bonus.

Lank Smith & the Pythons

Lank Smith & the Pythons

Coming down the stairs into an already hot and steamy Crypt I noticed the stage area had been moved to the back in a nice experimental move, and I liked seeing all the Jug Jaw’s posters at the back of the stage which only heightened the beat club feel.

lank smith and the pythons

Anyway, it was soon time for Lank Smith & the Pythons (with members of Kill It Kid and Hello Bear) to play another of their brilliant, energetic and visceral sets of covers. Whatchya Gonna Do About It, Too Much Monkey Business and other classics passed by all too quickly, sounded sensational through the vintage p.a. What more can I say about this band that I haven’t said many times before? They were again stunning and I was very excited to learn that they are on The Vagaband’s bill for the annual Midwinter Moonshine show at Norwich Arts Centre on December 21. That will be an incredible night.

lank smith and the pythons

lank smith and the pythons

lank smith and the pythons

I’d not seen Chasing Creation play before and have to admit I was still buzzing from Lank Smith and the Pythons when they started their set. They had excellent tunes, rhythms and a good sound although from my place in the room I did struggle to hear the lead vocalist clearly. I liked their indie sound and they reminded me a lot of some stuff I loved in the 80s alternative and dark indie scene, just a shame I couldn’t hear the lyrics a little clearer. Not sure if that was due to a sound issue or where I was standing (probably the latter) but I still enjoyed them.

chasing creation

Several people had told me good things about Little Red Kings, and I can see now why they were so enthusiastic. They are a good time, fun and powerful rock and roll band playing with power, energy and a smile. One of my highlights of their set was when they intro’d into ‘Propaganda Lie’ with a few bars of Kill It Kid’s ‘Caroline’ which I was lucky enough to be recording. They raised the Crypt roof!

Little Red Kings

Little Red Kings

Little Red kings

Little Red kings

As was mentioned, these truly amazing Jug Jaw’s nights are somehow managing to just keep getting better and better, and certainly fuller and fuller too. It was a Monday night! Word is getting out I think, plus of course the club was discussed on air in a recent BBC Radio 2 interview with Chris and Steph. Nobody else in the country is doing anything quite like this, and being hosted in the perfect venue we are extremely lucky to be able to experience it. I’m so glad Jug Jaw’s happens quite regularly, it’s a most exciting date on the calendar and supremely good fun.

Many thanks to Lank Smith & the Pythons, Little Red Kings, Chasing Creation, Chris and Steph of Jug Jaw’s Beat Club, and all at Bedfords for another unforgettable night.

On my way home I planned for a few more “Night time Norwich” photos and saw this happy group who wanted a photo 🙂

night time norwich

Night time Norwich XXI

Night time Norwich XXI

Words and photos (c) all rights reserved Richard Shashamane 2014. Photos not to be used without permission










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  1. yadevolkram says:

    High energy stuff. Love it!

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