For Gaza. Humanitarian aid fundraiser @ The Plasterers 22 August 2014

“For Gaza” humanitarian aid fundraiser at The Plasterers Arms, Norwich, with Milly Hirst, Camille Davila, ACivilian Invention, True Adventures, Meat Fer Manners DJs etc. 22 August 2014

This brilliant project put together quickly by some great people in Norwich has, in a short space of time, produced a download album, a mixtape CD, and this very well attended gig at The Plasterers.

Seeing the dreadful events unfold in Gaza people were struck by a sense of shock, sadness, outrage and helplessness but to make a positive contribution of aid a few people managed to bring these fundraising projects into being, so a huge “Well done” to all of them, as well all those who contributed tracks, time, space, equipment and donations. Proceeds will go the the DEC (Disasters Emergency Commission).

Music was provided by the Meat Fer Manners djs and DJ Spokes, before Sam started off the live music with a short set under the banner of True Adventures. He played a very interesting storytelling song before duetting with Milly Hirst, who sounded and looked great on electric guitar. The packed pub was a little noisy but she cut through that with beautiful renditions of Kampala and Mary.

We also had some short sets by ACivilian Invention, who I believe was playing live for the first time in a couple of years, and Camille Davila with Pat Falgate who included a gorgeous version of Harvest Moon.

A highly successful evening. The digital download album is still available at: and features 25 tracks provided by local artists. Mix tape:


ACivilian Invention

ACivilian Invention

Camille Davila

Camille Davila

Milly Hirst

Milly Hirst

True Adventures

True Adventures

Much respect, admiration, and thanks to all involved for putting this together for such a worthy cause.

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