The Neutrinos – Edinburgh Klang Haus Kickstarter appeal

If you’d like to help get The Neutrinos and the amazing Klang Haus to Edinburgh this August for the Fringe Festival, you can help fund it by pledging to some these wonderful pledges on the Kickstarter site. A 9-day appeal to reach the target of £3,500. Over £2,500 has been pledged in the first few days which is incredible, but another thousand is needed to make this happen.

klang haus - the neutrinos

klang haus - the neutrinos

The Neutrinos - Klang Haus, NAC Bar

The Neutrinos – Klang Haus, NAC Bar

The Neutrinos

The Neutrinos

klang haus - the neutrinos

klang haus - the neutrinos


KlangHaus – putting the wonder back into the live music show, the breath back into listening.

Hello. We are the Neutrinos (Karen Reilly, Jon Baker, Mark Howe) and we make art in weird spaces with visual artist Sal Pittman. Purveyors of tasty, experimental art-rock and enveloping super-graphic projections.

We’re taking a show to the finest combined arts venue in Edinburgh: – Summerhall for the whole of this August’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The show is called KlangHaus, is a product of ongoing project The Butcher of Common Sense and we will perform KlangHaus over 40 times at the Festival.

We have performed in Horse Hospitals, underneath War Memorials, in crypts and in derelict crumbling office blocks, we made our album in a defunct DDR radio station. Summerhall has given us the small animal hospital and we are taking it over. Across twelve rooms the audience for KlangHaus will be guided, caressed and assaulted with a 360 degree, visceral live experience – immersive soundscapes, visual artist Sal Pittman’s amazing architectural projections, a full-on band – Loud / Quiet / Loud Again / Smell / Texture / Loud. You will hear us around the city, down drains, in trees, behind you, above you, our aural graffiti knows no bounds.

This is not a cheap undertaking. (see budget below). We’ve had phenomenal support so far. The Arts Council have awarded us a grant through the East to Edinburgh scheme. The lovely Norwich Arts Centre have pitched in with a grand. But as ever we need you! To help us leap that last hurdle, to take us the last leg of the journey, to make it nothing less than awesome. £3,500. That’s all we need. £3,500 to present performative and pioneering new music on the international stage. To ask questions of the Live Gig event. £3,500 to interrogate what an album can be. To change the world with our story. Spurred on by your fivers and tenners, we will introduce the show to promoters in the UK, Europe and The World. Of course there are rewards. See our swishlist detailing what you get for stepping up. It’s yours for the taking and we can’t wait to meet you.

Here’s to KlangHaus and to you! For realising with us, another dream world, in a new amazing space.

KlangHaus Press Release
KlangHaus Press Release
Budget for July 25th to August 26th 2014


Fringe registration £3495
Venue hire £2000
Accommodation (for 8 ) £4170
Marketing £1040
BSL Signing £500
Insurance £230
Transport £1065
Equipment hire & tech £1400
Personnel tech & prod £2,200 (also see in-kind NAC techs)
Personnel creative £4,000
Food & costume £1900
Subtotal £22,000


Arts Council England £12,500
Neutrinos investment £4,000
Norwich Arts Centre £1000
KH Midnight Feast show £1000
Subtotal £18,500

Shortfall £3,500

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter
Attracting audiences: we are concentrating hard on marketing and social media and KlangHaus is already getting press attention. There are over 3000 different shows in the Edinburgh Fringe this year so we’re aware that we have to stand out. We will be undertaking as much guerilla marketing as possible; playing extra gigs, busking, postering, flyering, TV and radio appearances and press interviews.

Exhaustion! We’ll be doing over 40 KlangHaus shows for the duration of the Fringe – we’re going to try and look after ourselves and each other as best we can.

Technical. The show is technically complex to create all the effects we’re employing and we’ve got a great technical team around us. However, we are taking into account that there may be setbacks and we’re doing our best to mitigate them with back-up equipment and a plan B for each eventuality. We’re used to improvising in the moment and we hope that experience will stand us in good stead.

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