The Osborne Files, Natalie Lake, Jack Pout @ Olives, 16 July 2014

The Osborne Files, Natalie Lake, Jack Pout at Olives, Norwich, 16 July 2014. Review and photos.

This was my first opportunity to hear the Osborne Files, performing at Olives on a balmy, humid summer evening at Olives, alongside two support artists I have seen and enjoyed many times, Natalie Lake, and Jack Pout.

Indeed these were the first two faces I saw as I arrived, and it was good to catch up with Jack as I’d not seen him in a while. It seems he is relocating to Brighton quite soon so it will be worth trying to catch the final Lovely Promotions event at the Ten Bells on 30 July.

Jack is a natural entertainer, a character so alive when with people and performing, almost as entertaining with his between song banter as he is singing and playing, which isn’t to say his songs aren’t great, they really are. Personal storytelling which cover quite a breadth of subjects, moods and emotions. Obviously more restrained and subtle performing solo than with his excellent band the Dirt Level, I don’t know what the future holds for them with his imminent move but I hope they continue, their debut album was highly enjoyable with some superb performances and songwriting. Buy it here:

Jack Pout

Jack Pout

Jack Pout

Jack Pout

Fresh from seeing Natalie Lake at Geldeston a few days earlier, it was a pleasure to be able to hear her again so soon. Once again relaxed and looking as though she is really enjoying herself, even taking delight at the luxury of having a swivel stool to sit on. The set featured the likes of “Angry Song”, You Gave Me, Failure – and by request of The Osborne Files – Robin, which she hasn’t played in a little while. Another hugely enjoyable set with charming delivery from Natalie.

Natalie Lake

Natalie Lake

Natalie Lake

Natalie Lake

My first time of hearing The Osborne Files, and I was greatly impressed. A fine band of musicians, led by Ian Osborne with his wonderfully expressive husky and gravelly singing voice delivering captivating and tender stories, the band building the songs in layers it was excellent stuff. It’s unfair to make comparisons as Ian has very much his own style and his own sound but there were moments where I heard just hints of Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen at their most melodic but he is his own man singing naturally, even though he is a non-smoker he was apparently advised by someone hearing him sing to not give up the smoking as it makes his voice so good! There are lots of elements to this band and a huge amount of talent from some much-admired musicians (Philip Lewis-Jones, Fran Broady, Gary Cole-Wilkin, Mac McCarthy, and Ian himself) and it all comes together perfectly and organically, there’s a lovely warmth to it all. A pleasure to have been present for this.

The Osborne Files

The Osborne Files

The Osborne Files

The Osborne Files

The Osborne Files

The Osborne Files

The Osborne Files: A 5 piece amplified acoustic band based in Norfolk UK playing original material originally.
Via the wonders of this world wide webby thing, the five easy pieces that make up The Osborne Files found each other. Coalescing around the songs of love and life by Ian Osborne they are swiftly garnering a reputation and followers for their songs and crafted performances.

Each member has an alternative musical life, but come together to play as friends and develop a sound that belongs to The Osborne Files.

Original songs played with originality, friendship and love.

Many thanks to The Osborne Files, Natalie Lake, and Jack Pout.


words and photos, richard shashamane 2014


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1 Response to The Osborne Files, Natalie Lake, Jack Pout @ Olives, 16 July 2014

  1. shashamane says:

    Ian Osborne –

    Richard, Thank you so much for a lovely review of a lovely night…. it was great to put on the gig and have Jack & Natalie as special guests, and thank you for our first ever review.

    We’ve been a fan of norwich blog for a while now and to be featured is icing on a very tasty cake. It’s a great site for all lovers of music and photography and even more so if a part of the very thriving, exciting and supportive Norwich music ‘scene’.

    Hope to see you again soon

    Thanks you so much for the kind words Ian, it was indeed a lovely night – Richard

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