Miserable Man @ The Blueberry Music House, 29 June 2014

Miserable Man at The Blueberry Music House, Norwich, Sunday 29 June 2014

The marvellous Miserable Man returned to Norwich last week and straightaway is gigging around the fine city. The Blueberry is a great setting for him, especially on these lovely Sunday afternoon sessions.

Miserable Man

Miserable Man

He played a couple of acoustic sets, for the second he was joined by Tom Eagle on percussion. As always he entertained and engaged with the audience with his affable and easy way, which makes people love him for his soul as well as his music. It clearly happens the world over, as anyone who follows his Asian busking tours through his blog or his Facebook feeds will be well aware.

Today he played a mixture of his own compositions, some reggae and ska classics, a fair sprinkling of Bob Marley songs, some of his recent folky songs he wrote in Asia, as well as the covers in his pop-steady style, including a very lovely It Must Be Love, all of which he somehow makes look and sound effortless.

His vocal “brass section” is wonderful and very charmingly he even introduces them as individual character and performers, I love that!

Miserable Man is very active with gigs at the moment, catch him over the weekend at either The Birdcage, Revolucion de Cuba, The Maid’s Head, or if you are very lucky on the streets of Norwich too. Say hello, buy a CD and have a chat, you will not be disappointed.

miserable man

miserable man

miserable man

miserable man

miserable man

The Ska Reggae One Man Band is back in the city for the Summer, and he brought some tropical vibrations from his recent Asian Busking Tour. Come down this Sunday…

INFO & DOWNLOADS @ http://miserableman.com/
BLOG @ http://miserablemanmusic.wordpress.com/
NEW ALBUM @ http://miserablemanmusic.bandcamp.com/


photos (c) richard shashamane 2014










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