Music House Acoustic(ish) Session @ Jurnets Bar, Birds of Hell, Delmark Goldfarb, Shane O’Linski, Ben C Winn 27 June 2014

The Music House Acoustic(ish) Session, with Birds of Hell, Delmark Goldfarb, Shane O’Linski, Ben C Winn, Emily Winng and friends, at Jurnets Bar, Norwich, 27 June 2014. Review and photos.

The ever wonderful Jurnets venue and Acoustic(ish) session saw a decent crowd gather for some fine music despite some wretched summer downpours … of which I was a soaked victim.

Opening the evening was the enigma Shane O’Linski playing solo, standing with one foot on the chair, some new tracks, some about colour, and one with lyrical help from his young son.

Shane O'Linski

Shane O’Linski

shane o'linski

Following Shane was a brilliant short set from Ben C Winn, who went down tremendously well with the audience and had us all laughing along. He told us of his grandmother’s advice before he got married, and suggested he should not have a stag night that ends up in a “a laptop dancing club” … you can imagine the lyrical fun he had with this imagery. Absolutely wonderful!

Ben C Winn

Ben C Winn

ben c winn

Our next guest was Delmark Goldfarb from the USA, looking like Leonard Cohen, sounding like John Lee Hooker he played some beautiful, foot-tapping folk blues and seemed to be enjoying himself every bit as much as we were enjoying hearing him – I imagine he could have played for hours.

Delmark Goldfarb

Delmark Goldfarb

delmark goldfarb

A somewhat unexpected treat was a kind of impromptu Sargasso Trio/Meat Fer Manners All-Stars line up with Emily Winng and Maria from Girl In A Thunderbolt on vocals and a fantastic version of Jamaica – I really enjoyed this!

Emily Winng

Emily Winng

Girl in a Thunderbolt

Girl in a Thunderbolt


Despite a few technical issues preventing Birds of Hell’s Pete playing some of the songs he intended to perform he nevertheless replaced them and was his usual mesmeric and fascinating self, he also premiered a few new ones including the marvellous Las Yarmouth (Yarmouth and Grandmothers being slightly unexpected themes of the evening) he finished with the exceptionally beautiful Hometown Rage.

Birds of Hell

Birds of Hell

birds of hell

After Jurnets some good pals and myself headed off to the Ten Bells for another packed out, steamy Drink ‘n’ Jive night, passing on the way Adrian Howes delighting late night revellers with one of his oddball busking slots, performing with Beauty, but he was in fine form and in blues mood. Nice one Adrian, good to see you busking again!

The Ten Bells itself was so steamy from all the dancing that I had to wait ages for my lens to clear before I could get a photo, and even then the smoke machine gives the impression that my lens was still steamed up!

Drink 'n' Jive at The Ten Bells

Drink ‘n’ Jive at The Ten Bells

Adrian Howes

Adrian Howes

The Music House Acoustic Session is a weekly treasure trove of musical delights hosted in a 900 year old under-croft.

All the way from the USA we have Jazz/Blues tunesmith Delmark Goldfarb. This guy has mixed it with some proper legends including John Lee Hooker and he’s currently sitting amid the top ten songs in Neil Young’s Living With War Today Chart!

Also playing are some legends of our very own; Birds Of Hell, Ben C Winn, Tilda & Co. and James O’Hara Knight.

FREE ENTRY – Pint pot passed round for voluntary contributions.

Well stocked bar with local ales and that lager/cider stuff too – all at insanely reasonable prices.

All welcome


Jurnets is the old pink brick building between the Waterfront and what used to be the Ferryboat on King St, Norwich.

You will see a cobbled driveway with bollards, leading to a quadrangle with a lot of County council / Adult Education Centre signs. In the left hand corner, almost hidden is the door to Jurnet’s Bar.

Date: 27th June 2014 8:00pm
Last Entry: 11:00pm
Venue: The Music House
Jurnets Bar, Wensum Lodge, 169 King Street

words and photos, richard shashamane 2014


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