Labasheeda new EP – ‘The Snow is Falling’

Occasional visitors to Norwich, Dutch band Labasheeda have just released a new EP of unplugged acoustic tracks. Anyone who saw their mesmerising appearence at OPEN last year will be intrigued to hear these pared down tracks, recorded without drums.

Lead track The Snow is Falling features only Saskia’s vocals, acoustic guitar and melodica and is somewhat haunting and sombre.

labasheeda - listen, the snow is falling

1495912_191184674412649_804073869_o.kasper vogelszang (1)

The haunting mood continues throughout the EP and I think would appeal to fans of Daisy Victoria, as it reminded me a little of her in places, albeit in an acoustic style. Plucked violin strings and aching vocals, it’s an impressive collection.



labasheeda, saskia ven der giessen

labasheeda, saskia ven der giessen

Listen to the songs on Soundcloud:
Elastic on you tube;

Saskia van der Giessen; vocals, guitar, violin, viola
Arne Wolfswinkel; guitar, organ, melodica

words and photos (c) richard shashamane 2014


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