Oxjam Norwich Fundraiser @ The Rose Tavern 11 June 2014

Oxjam Norwich Fundraiser, with Jose McGill, Das Fenster & the Alibis, Ben Grizzly & the Loose Leaf Drifter, 11 June 2014

The first 2014 Oxjam Norwich fundraiser took place in the Rose Tavern, with a strong line up and an excellent turnout. Entry was free but there were boxes and buckets for donations, cakes for sale, and the Rose kindly donated a percentage of the night’s takings, making the total raised on this fundraiser to a brilliant £350 +

Jose McGill of the Vagaband played a short set, which included the likes of Whistling Song, Black Sheep, and Town With No Name, and was joined for a couple of numbers by Tris on upright bass. A short but very sweet set sounding excellent.

Jose McGill

Jose McGill

Das Fenster & the Alibis followed this with their dark and brooding, menacing delivery after due respect was shown to the Voodoo Shrine. They certainly got people dancing and joining in.

Das Fenster and the Alibis

Das Fenster and the Alibis

Das Fenster & the Alibis

Das Fenster & the Alibis

I saw Ben Grizzly at Jurnets a couple of months ago but it feels like ages since I saw the full Loose Leaf Drifters, not since last year. With Tris standing in on bass they closed the night with a super set sounding full and lively.

The Loose Leaf Drifters

The Loose Leaf Drifters

Loose Leaf Drifters, Ben Grizzly

Loose Leaf Drifters, Ben Grizzly

A massive well done and thank you to all involved, the artists who gave up their time for the cause, those who baked cakes, the Oxjam committee for putting it all together, the Rose for hosting, and everyone who came along and generously donated. A successful and highly enjoyable evening.



The main Oxjam Music Festival will be taking place in October with hosting venues around the Lanes being The Birdcage, Bedfords, Karma, and also The Owl Sanctuary.


words and photos (c) richard shashamane 2014











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