Adrian Howes Telecoustic Guitar Fundraiser

Many people in the city will know Adrian Howes, and even if you don’t you are sure to have come across him busking in Norwich and Norfolk at some point. He’s been playing his music on the streets of the fine city for years.

the pipe smoker

Last week he was the victim of an unprovoked assault near Tesco on Guildhall Hill in the middle of the day. After a brief scuffle the attacker came back and destroyed Adrian’s beloved Telecoustic Guitar, given to him by his mother. Adrian is very well known and well loved, a true Norwich character. This horrible attack with the afterthought of smashing his guitar just seems cruel and has shocked everyone. Let’s show that one nasty incident does not represent the feelings of Norwich and that we can get Adrian back playing again as soon as possible. He is home again now with some cuts and bruises and a black eye, and obviously a bit low. He has always been a champion of the human spirit and goodness of people so I do hope that we can restore some of his faith by all pulling together and getting him a guitar.

The wonderful musical community of Norwich have come together and donated tracks for a download album, all the proceeds of which will go towards getting a similar replacement guitar for Adrian. We are looking to try and raise about £360 or so, being the price of a suitable replacement Andy Sacre has found online.

Generous offers have come from Sarah Burns at The Blueberry who will host a “Buskathon” fundraiser on Wednesday evening, and has kindly offered to donate 10% of the evening’s takings. Glen Carr has also made a generous contribution and offer of Bedfords.

If you’d like to help you can download the album for £1 or more at Bandcamp:

Or donate at The Blueberry on Wednesday.

Many, many thanks to Andy Sacre for the incredible work and organisation he has put in, all the artists who have offered songs, Holly Ryan Designs and Hannah Balcam for artwork, and all the people who have already donated. And of course Sarah Burns of The Blueberry, and Glen Carr at Bedfords.

Update: I have heard this evening of an extraordinarily kind gesture resulting from a post by busker Jonny Walker who is a regular visitor to Norwich.. He posted the message (below) which resulted in the incredible gesture from Bob Garrard-William, who generously gave up his own guitar for Adrian’s use which will get him back on the street busking again until his Telecaster replacement is found. Thank you Bob, you are a wonderful person with a very big heart! 🙂

Friends, I need your help.

As you know Norwich is one of my very favourite places to busk in the country. Buskers are generally made to feel very safe and welcome here which is why I was shocked and saddened to hear that a well-loved local character and familiar busker here in Norwich, Adrian Howes was brutally attacked in the city centre whilst busking earlier this week. Not only was he badly beaten up but his guitar was smashed by the assailant too. Music has been one thing in his life that has provided comfort and stability for him as it does for so many of us buskers. The local music community decided to club together to help him get a replacement guitar. How did they do this? The simple answer was donate a track each on this monster album of local music all for £1 all proceeds go towards the fund to help Adrian get back on his feet and playing again.

Please can you all spare a quid for this special album and share this post/link with others who might be able to help Adrian get back where he belongs, playing music on the streets!



Thanks Jonny, Thanks Bob!

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