Daisy Victoria – Heart Full of Beef EP

Daisy Victoria, known to many from The Maglia Rosa Group, has performed a string of very fine solo performances over the past few months which certainly seems to work and she is in a rich vein of productivity.

Daisy Victoria

Daisy Victoria

Armed with a couple of guitars, a lot of echo, reverb, powerful chords but also some well placed sparseness her sound along is captivating but coupled with her extremely elegant appearance and theatrical delivery she really puts on a show.

Daisy Victoria

Daisy Victoria

Her recently released five track EP opens with Heart Full of Beef, one of the most immediate songs from her setlist, and probably the closest one in style to PJ Harvey – loud, grungey and rocking with an unforgettable chorus. Other highlights on the EP are ones I recall well from her live performances; Secret Garden Path, and Tree. This EP is deservedly getting attention as it is unusual, very well done, and of course wonderfully good. It’s not fair to make comparisons because nobody else I know is doing this but live she is somewhere between PJ Harvey in sound and Kate Bush in theatrical delivery, mixed with a bit of Anna Calvi but very much Daisy Victoria. The songs all have an underlying dark side and despite playing live solo she can certainly belt out a powerful sound and has many unusual tricks to her playing. Quite Gothic Victoriana in sound and appearance and highly interesting and unusual, and all the more welcome for that.

Daisy Victoria

Daisy Victoria

Daisy Victoria

Daisy Victoria

See her videos on YouTube at : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9PcxWVglt4

Download the Heart Full of Beef EP at Bandcamp for ‘Name your own price’

words and photos (c) richard shashamane 2014









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