Musical Keys – The Great Eastern compilation album

musical keys

There is a lovely compilation album of local artists which I downloaded last month which I think is worthy of further mention.
Featuring tracks by the likes of Mari Joyce, Milly Hirst, Wooden Arms, Dr. Clyde, Birds of Hell et al. all proceeds go to Musical Keys. You can download the album, The Great Eastern, for £5 from: which will help out a very good cause and also to get you brilliant music from some of our favourite local musicians.

What is Musical Keys?

Musical Keys is Norwich based charity providing a service to people with special and/or additional needs across East Anglia. For over 20 years, Musical Keys has developed a comprehensive programme of music, movement and arts based activities designed to enable participants to learn new skills, build confidence and improve motor skills and coordination through enjoyable and interactive sessions. Our groups also offer a support network to parents, carers and families.

We strive for equal access to music and creativity and aim to provide a service for groups who are isolated as a result of geographic location, social deprivation or disability.

In addition to the numerous groups we run throughout the region, Musical Keys provides holiday outreach schemes and offers a bespoke service; our specialist staff aspire to adapt sessions to suit clients’ precise requirements.

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