Tribe: Whiskey and Music Festival @ The Talk, this Thursday 27 March

This looks like a fantastic idea, with a coming together of all the right ingredients. A lovely venue being re-energised, terrific bands and a Whiskey festival to boot!

Dom will be putting on this inspired idea at The Talk on Oak Street, with whiskey tasting from 5pm and bands and regular bar from 7pm. The £15 ticket includes vouchers for 10 drinks!!

The Vagaband are sure to be the perfect headliners and it is also a rare chance to see the brilliant Arlenes, as well as The Redlands Palomino Company, and Troubadour Rose


The Vagaband

The Vagaband

The Vagaband

The Vagaband

The Vagaband

The Vagaband

Four acts…

The Vagaband
The Redlands Palomino Company
Troubadour Rose
The Arlenes

Fifty whiskeys!

£15.00 :
Including 10 drinks vouchers

Whisky Fest from 5pm
Bands from 7pm

Available from :
The Whisky Shop, Norwich
Dominic Roskrow –
T: 07540 348998

Or from The Talk

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2 Responses to Tribe: Whiskey and Music Festival @ The Talk, this Thursday 27 March

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  2. Terry Raven says:

    Came to Tribe’s whiskey and music festival in March of this year as a conniseur I enjoyed the whiskey ( good job the better half was with me to drive me back home ) music was different but could have been better in entertainment value but as a musician that is only my opinion.

    If you are having another festival my own band the RAVEN BLUES BAND would only be too pleased to play, we are semi – professional and very versatile musically.

    I have played at The Talk in past years. My band and myself can be contacted on 01603 425892 and 07788821913 anytime, We are based In Norwich.

    Looking forward to more whiskey tasting

    Terry Raven

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