Komiža, Jack Pout, Joe Quinn @ The Bicycle Shop – The Woodland Creatures private view @ The Playhouse 13 March 2014

Komiža, Jack pout, Joseph Quinn at The Bicycle Shop, and The Woodland Creatures exhibition private view at The Playhouse, Norwich.

The Bicycle Shop hosted a lovely intimate gig at The Bicycle Shop handlebar, for the tireless Pedz. This evening was another chance to hear Grazing Saint Joseph Quinn play a short but powerful, intense and mesmerising solo acoustic set. His lyrics conjure some amazing imagery and he is also the master of the long song-title but tonight for me it was the more succinctly titled Ghost Story that made the biggest impact. Impassioned, pained and tortured, in song it is a thing of great and dark beauty. A stunning work and that moment alone would have made the night worthwhile, but there was much more on offer too.

Joe Quinn

Joe Quinn

Tonight Jack Pout was also playing solo, and showcasing some newer songs as well as a few from the Dirt Level album Getting Off the Ground. I enjoyed this set for being able to concentrate on the lyrics more, which are worth paying attention too. Jack has a great way on stage and has much charisma and self-deprecating humour which are traits that could take him far but he has much musical talent too and his more sensitive and reflective, observational side does come out in his songs which are very well written – and performed!

Jack Pout

Jack Pout

I had never seen Komiža before and had little idea what to expect and really enjoyed this four piece, led by vocalist Cath. Gentle, beautifully constructed songs well played and sung. At one stage the uke was swapped for guitar for a couple of newer songs which are still bedding in but it was an altogether lovely set from a band I shall look out for.



Before heading to the Bicycle Shop, a bit earlier in the evening I popped briefly into the Playhouse Piano Room for the charming private view – with cup cakes! 🙂 – of a beautiful and charming joint exhibition by Christina Alden and Lizzy Burt of The Woodland Creatures. As well as some band artwork there were paintings and pieces perfectly hung which looked as if they totally belonged in this room. Two more graduates from NUA who have such a valid place within Norwich music, we have seen some of their work before in the CD artwork but this is a welcome opportunity to give their visual art the attentions they deserve, and they compliment each other very well indeed. The exhibition is now on at Norwich Playhouse, in the Piano Room on the right as you enter the building. I wish them all success.

The Woodland Creatures exhibition

The Woodland Creatures exhibition

The Woodland Creatures exhibition

The Woodland Creatures exhibition

photos (c) richard shashamane 2014










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