Josh Osho – Living Rooms Live Tour’ @ The Fire Pit, Dereham. By Madonna Gold

JOSH OSHO ‘Living Rooms Live Tour’ at The Fire Pit. Review and photos by Madonna Gold

Josh announced the living rooms live tour 7 dates across the UK immediately his return from New York. He wanted to connect and share the new materials his been working on with his fans what a darl….

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Knowing how many people would have love to host Josh is overwhelming, I’m lucky to have been part of this unforgettable experience. I might have spend over good 5hours constantly looking on his Facebook page checking that it was really my name on the post.

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Three of my lovely friends Sarah, G and Menie were able to join me at The Fire Pit which is a beautifully hand crafted hazel bender tent at Wendling near Dereham, Norfolk.As we arrived with Josh it was a clear starlit night which added to the magic.

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Rachel and her family the owners of the Wren’s nest joined us for the evening. They were very welcoming and quickly we got to know one another. I wanted this experience to be memorable and, sitting around the wood burner as Josh sang his heart out I felt lucky in that moment. It felt like a dream.

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Josh has a very strong phenomenal voice and writes his own music the first song he sang (NPOH) inspired by his mum a verse from the bible she used to use which I thought how lovely. I noticed that song after song he fiddles with the guitar tuning, Someone asked about this Josh smiled and replied “I’m a real tune head”
He sang several other songs including Giants, Imperfections, redemption from his past album.

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I would like to thank my friends Sarah with all your help and kindness, G thank you for being so wonderful, Menie always nice seeing you and to our hosts Rachel and family for the special venue we will be back soon!
Huge love and thanks to the young handsome loving incredibly talented Josh Osho for sparing your time for us and for this amazing experience, couldn’t thank you enough – you’re a lovely person
Keep singing and smiling ! Thank you

Josh signing CDs

Josh signing CDs

Review and photos by Madonna Gold, 2014

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