Nobodaddy – Longing For Flight, new album review

Longing for Flight by Nobodaddy

Listening to this beautiful offering from Nobodaddy has been a real pleasure. This Norfolk duo of Adam Clark and Mike Wordingham have created a piece of art that is gorgeously stripped back and sparse, I do so love hearing artists who value the space to give songs room to breathe, which gives even more power and focus to the lyrics and musicianship. Amongst some of the singer-songwriters they mention as being admirers of are Christy Moore and Leonard Cohen. Being a big fan of both of these artists myself I can only approve, and heard straight away an influence of the songwriting of Christy in the album opener California, touching as it does on the theme of emigration with all the initial hopes and dreams that go along with such journeys.

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These are very well-structured songs, often fairly quiet which allows the listener to become fully immersed in the moving storytelling of the lyrics which really connect. The guitar playing and harmonies are quite sumptuous, subtle, effective and haunting.


Butterfly is a track which made an immediate impression on me, haunting guitar work and some achingly expressive vocals and lyrics. It’s followed by Changes with its strong hooks in the chorus but it does indeed change at the end for a very slowed down and sad final verse.
Brief Encounter is another highlight for me, sparse with some gorgeous harmonies. This is followed by another delicately lovely track – Beautiful – again featuring these wonderful harmonies over a gentle but very catchy melody.

Some real musical highs on this album which I feel is one I shall keep returning to. It closes with the more upbeat and perhaps reflective or optimistic Heel & Toe.

A gentle, articulate and beautiful work, with a melancholic theme which is not depressing but philosophical, expressive and moving, dealing in themes of lost love and alienation. One of those seemingly rare albums these days which works as a whole and should be listened to as such, there is something of a story and journey which is detailed within each song and as an album. Very open, lovingly made and highly impressive, it deserves a wide audience. This is folk in its truest and purest, soulful sense in that it is storytelling and connects deeply with anyone who listens.

Longing for Flight, the 10-track new album from Nobodaddy is released on 10 February 2014, as CD and download.

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