Crumpled Clothes new EP by The Sound of Sight on Meat fer Manners

A very lovely EP was released earlier this month and promoted in the most charming and unique ways. The Sound of Sight (aka Paul Hubbard, ‘The Real Paul’ previously reviewed on this blog) have the first release on the new label Meat Fer Manners which was launched lovingly and inventively at Looses Emporium at Magadalen Street in Norwich, where the EP was played in its entirety surrounded by retro bric-a-brac. This was wholly appropriate as Paul has a real 60s quality to his voice, and coupled with the 60s-sounding melodies and harmonies with Iain Lowery’s spot-on and brilliant production it was a glorious sound. With lovely artwork (I believe by Mark) the care and love that has gone into all aspects of this EP has resulted in a very beautiful work.


A healthy number came along and the interested crowd gathered to watch and listen, and it’s fair to say everyone enjoyed it. This was no novelty however, these are great, great pop songs beautifully crafted. Crumpled Clothes is the lead track and is followed by Change My Life, a positive and uplifting song about self-empowerment with a glorious production. Ending with See Tomorrow the sixties feel is maintained but this is the most pared-down and gentle song on the EP and features some delightful birdsong in the intro. Really lovely recordings.


The limited edition version of the EP has packaging which is a work of art in itself and quite the most beautifully presented CD I think I have seen. It has the care and love about it which was more common in the height of the vinyl era.

Meat Fer Manners have some interesting developments ahead I feel, and having become a member I eagerly await their next presentations.



Our first release ‘Crumpled Clothes’ will be available from November 4th as a full high quality digital download, 1 of only 24 CDs in handcrafted Meat Fer Manners sleeve packages, or as a special edition CD package which will include:

1 of the 24 CDs
a copy of our first 7” vinyl release (as and when we have enough meat fer manners to get them made)
an exclusive MFM-001 Meat Fer Manners Membership.

Buying the special edition CD package is currently the only way for someone to become a Meat Fer Manners member. There are only a Maximum of 24 CDs available and therefore membership is equally limited.

The Sound of Sight

The Sound of Sight

sound of sight ep launch

The Sound of Sight

The Sound of Sight

The Sound of Sight

The Sound of Sight

Fudge refreshments at the Crumpled Clothes EP launch for The Sound of Sight on Meat fer Manners

Fudge refreshments at the Crumpled Clothes EP launch for The Sound of Sight on Meat fer Manners

The Sound of Sight

The Sound of Sight

words and photos © all rights reserved, richard shashamane and Meat Fer Manners 2013 – many thanks to Iain Lowery and Paul Hubbard


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