Natalie Lake, Floorboy @ OST, Cinema City, 27 August 2013

Natalie Lake, and Floorboy, live at OST in the Cinema City Bar, Norwich, 27 August 2013, review

A bit of a shame that there were not more people to enjoy this lovely evening at OST, it was probably due to being post bank holiday weekend. Undeterred both artists put on exquisite performances, with Iain Lowery once again providing great sound, the room great acoustics, and the modest audience an appreciative attentiveness and intimacy.



First to play was Floorboy, in his Back to the Future t-shirt this time (I think it was Revolver last time!) Perhaps due to the intimacy and great sound I was more able to concentrate on his lyrics and tunes today, and must admit I was totally mesmerised with the songs, folk storytelling at its finest. A really enjoyable set and I shall look to download some of Floorboy’s songs.

I think most people I have spoken to lately will know how impressed I am with Natalie Lake, I first came across her with her band Grimm’s Law at one of Jack Pout’s Lovely Promotions evenings in the spring, being very taken with their sound and especially Natalie’s voice. It was disappointing to hear that that was indeed the last performance the band played, but having since heard Natalie sing solo that disappointment has all evaporated. She plays guitar (and for her final number a ukelele) but it is all about the voice. She does one or two covers of Laura Marling, so these comparisons are going to be inevitable, and there are indeed some vocal similarities but as her mum said “She’s not Laura Marling, she’s Natalie Lake” and I quite agree. She even learned that same afternoon “Can’t Help Galling in Love” so that she could dedicate a poignant version of it to her recently lost grandfather as it was a favourite of his.

natalie lake

natalie lake

She’s still only 17 so it will be fascinating to hear her progress as her catalogue of songs grows, especially if “Liar” and “Robin are anything to go by. All who heard her tonight were mightily impressed.

Thanks again to Iain Lowery who is a master of getting the sound just right.

words and photos (c) all rights reserved, richard shashamane 2013


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