The Vagaband @ Rumsey Wells 15 August 2013

It was an almighty effort to overcome some extreme fatigue and drag myself into the city tonight, but I was really glad I did (once I got there) and was pleased to see a lot of friendly faces from gigs and the recent Harlequin.

The Rumsey does not have the most ideal of layouts for gigs, with the stage area being at the end of a narrow room, with no lighting and being situated near the toilet doors, but it does however have a good sound and a cracking atmosphere when full, which it was tonight. Packed in fact, and very hot and sweaty.

Having seen the full band at Harlequin on Friday storming into their set with the strongest four opening songs I think I have heard from anyone. Tonight was a five piece Vagaband of Jose, Dan, Tris, Joe and Patrick, and playing for much longer they started the first set of 40 minutes or so with some of their slower tracks and covers, before cranking things up and blistering through an energetic second set which had the place stomping and dancing, it was superb. Very pleasingly for me, as I have been nagging Jose for its inclusion, Jack of Diamonds once again featured. A song that is perfect for them, gets people dancing, and sounds like a song Jose would have written.

the vagaband at rumsey wells

the vagaband at rumsey wells

Also in the set were a number of new songs, including one written just this week being aired for the first time. All of them slotting into the set seamlessly.

A combination of being a bit far away from the stage, the dark venue, and my fatigue meant I only bothered to try to take a couple of shots but sometimes I just want to enjoy hearing one of my favourite bands, currently on the top of their game. I am sure they must be feeling pretty tired as well, but professionals that they are, they always deliver.

By the way, a nice touch by the Rumsey, distinguishing the gents and ladies toilets by having pictures of Alan Partridge on the gents’ door, and Lynn on the ladies’ – brilliant!

words and photos (c) by richard shashamane 2013

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