Red Bull take on Redwell … and Norwich

Following the very silly legal wrangling over the Freddie Mercury GoGo Gorilla, it was this week the turn of Red Bull to throw their weight around and make themselves look ridiculous.

In what is surely a case of corporate bullying, Red Bull decided to request that Redwell withdraw their trademark application.

The Norwich firm said it had been threatened with legal action by the multi national, which claimed the name Redwell could “confuse” customers and “tarnish” Red Bull’s trademark.

The absurdity of this statement is not even worthy of debate, but it was the reaction on the streets and bars in Norwich – especially the Playhouse Bar – and the huge backing and messages of support for Redwell that appeared on Facebook and Twitter that was most pleasing.

Red Bull(y), leave us alone

Red Bull(y), leave us alone

These bully-boy acts of intimidation have backfired spectacularly for Red Bull and I hope this has damaged their reputation. It has certainly enhanced the reputation of Redwell, who have done nothing wrong, have acted with great dignity, and now have the kind of publicity and recognition that for a company this size (8 employees) that money simply could not buy. I’m very proud of Norwich right now 🙂 Red Bull should be ashamed of themselves. A part of me wishes I was a customer of theirs so that I could stop buying their product, but as I never bought it in the first place I cannot withdraw my custom, Redwell however is a product I have bought and will continue to do so with pride. As, to my knowledge, none of the bars that supply Redwell in Norwich also stock Red Bull, I do not see much likelihood confusion! It was heartening to see posters appear in bars saying things like “We do NOT stock energy drinks”. Red Bull representatives are often to be seen giving cans away, from a car with a huge can on top. You can’t buy class.

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