Wooden Arms & Scriber at OST, Cinema City 7 May 2013, review

After the crazy antics of the May Day holiday weekend in Norwich (pictures and write ups to come soon) I think that by Tuesday, if I was going to attend any event, this was the perfect one. Slow and contemplative, quiet and thoughtful music. This is what the ever community-spirited Iain Lowery offered us today in the latest instalment of his OST night at the Cinema City Bar.

The first artist had travelled all the way from Cardiff from this performance, and for this along would have deserved an attentive audience, but this he had anyway and his work surely held and commanded it. Sriber is Joshua Price, a quiet chap with an easy, unassuming presence he politely introduced himself and the songs, which spoke for themselves. Very beautiful, haunting and atmospheric in an understated way. Just him and his guitar, which he used for powerful and spacious but not loud chords and notes, sometimes using pedals for reverb and loops. Most effective and interesting.



He has a 12″ vinyl single available and can be found at: http://www.scriberofficial.com/

The other act on the bill tonight was of course Norwich’s own Wooden Arms. Fresh from their mini tour promoting the recent single Separate the Verb, there is something about this venue that very much suits their gentle but grand eloquent blend of classical and folk. The violin and cello being played by Jessica and Fynn respectively, in front of the bar’s oak panelled decor gave the band a warmth befitting of their style.

wooden arms

wooden arms

Recent replacement for the busy Lydia was Milly Hirst, but I gather she, like so many others, has been struck by this summer flu bug and sadly was unable to attend. But the four remaining members of the band compensated admirably with the backing vocals on False Start and Noah, which are – alongside Gerascophobia – my current favourites in the set.

They performed most of their repertoire in front of an appreciative audience (including The Olympians and Shane O’Linski), finishing with the incredible single Separate the Veb. Always very professional, having played together many times in the past couple of weeks they have become a really tight unit. Their next show in the city will be the BFR showcase at the Arts Centre on 1 June along with Heart of a Dog, Milly Hirst, and Port Isla. I am looking forward to this one.

Next month’s OST features the amazing Raevennan Husbandes

words and photos (c) richard shashamane 2013






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