The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act

A rather worrying piece of legislation reported by the BBC, being rushed through by the government, which has disturbing consequences for photographers, writers, musicians and artists alike.

Here is an excerpt from the BBC website article:

Photographers’ anger at law change over ‘orphan works’
By Dave Lee
Technology reporter, BBC News

Photographs or other creative works can be used without the owners’ explicit permission as long as a “diligent search” has taken place.

Campaigners said the new act paved the way for the exploitation of images posted on the internet.

But the government said the act made “copyright licensing more efficient”.

The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act was passed by Parliament last week. The government said it would support “the UK’s enterprise culture and help make it one of the best places to do business”.

But campaign group Stop43, which represents a wide range of photographers and agencies, said the act was “premature, ill thought-out and constitutionally improper”.

Veteran British photographer David Bailey shared this concern. In a note published on Stop43’s site, he said: “Why the rush?

“A scheme, the Copyright Hub – a scheme backed by the government – is being developed to ensure that those who wish to find our pictures can not only do so quickly online, but also find the contact details of the pictures’ owners.

“You are about to put the cart before the horse.”

The full text of the act will not be published until Thursday.

The full BBC article can be seen here:

Please see also the petition sites:

In an age where rights and liberties are being rapidly eroded it is important to at least be aware of such things.


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