Milly Hirst EP launch @ The Birdcage, Norwich

Milly Hirst is a special talent and one of my favourite Norwich singers. The city is blessed with some very fine acts and artists, such as The Vagaband, Feral Mouth, Dove & Boweevil, Heart of a Dog, Solko and many, many, many more, too many to mention. Anyway, upon first hearing Milly I was blown away by her voice and the sparse, haunting and melancholic beauty of her songs. The guitar playing is restrained and delicate, with this wonderfully expressive voice delivering the most touching lyrics, really the writing of a soulful, sensitive and very talented artist.

A mini-album (Equator)has been available for download for a while – which I also highly recommend, it is a wonderful collection of the most beautiful tracks recorded live in one day.

The new EP is also another work of great beauty and quality and is available from:

It was a privilege to be able to hear these songs performed at a packed out Birdcage when nobody wanted her to stop. It was a most memorable occasion. I wonder how much longer it will be before Milly is playing in much larger venues 🙂

words and photos by richard shashamane

About shashamane you can find my prints for sale on Etsy at and at Artfire: and
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