Rising Appalachia @ NAC 14 August 2018

Already, at about 7:45pm when I arrived at Norwich Arts Centre, there was a palpable feeling of occasion with the venue feeling full, busy and with a sense of excitement.  I knew little of Rising Appalachia beforehand so was impressed at how many people had excitedly gathered here and sold out the gig, and I was quickly struck by the obvious devotion of the mixed crowd. They obviously mean a lot to a lot of people who were demonstrative in their love for Rising Appaclachia. Coming onstage and starting a cappella before playing as a full four-piece band those standing moving nearer to be closer to the band and to dance. Despite it being a seated event on a Tuesday night event there were no worries about the atmosphere, generally I prefer standing gigs for that reason but that was not a concern for them and who had a very responsive and enthusiastic following at this, one of only a handful of UK dates outside of their recent Boomtown appearance the Arts Centre. Both sides of the seating area a throng of dancing and appreciative enthusiasm.  In one of a couple of onstage straw polls the sisters Chloe and Leah asked how many of us were experiencing Rising Appalachia for the first time. From the hands raised I would guess around half or so, who soon became converts.  Those long in the know about Leah and Chloe were having a blast with the advantage of evidently being more familiar with the songs and the messages and the clearly had a good connection. Special mention to the excellent backing from Biko and David too, on percussion and guitar, we even had a David Attenbrough-style English accent impression from David whilst the girls mimicked their airport larkings around.  During some of their playful routines they rather put me in mind of a folksy Let’s Eat Grandma. They confided one of their favourite Brit words was “Manky”. Good choice, but made me wonder why are so many of our best words negative slang adjectives?  Makes one think …

rising appalachia


Being almost entirely unfamiliar with their work I could not offer much advice with another straw-poll as to how to label their genre. One of them suggested “Krunk Folk” but although the songs were from and inspired by influences from all over the globe, for me the old time-y style mountain music really hit the spot, and those of their home state Georgia, and ones inspired by their temporary home of New Orleans (“We went there for a few weeks after Katrina, to contribute in the only way we know how. Music. We stayed there seven years”, they added that’s it such a musical city and full of buskers but noted that Norwich was too.)  The song that closed the first of their two hour-long sets prompted scenes I have rarely seen at an NAC seated gig and I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like as a full standing gig, they really made people want to dance, and dance they did.

rising appalachia

After that poll, for which they asked us to write the suggestion on a £20 note, which could also buy one of their vinyl albums. The next was: “Does anybody still own a CD player?  If so, we have CDs, which are cool, but we also have vinyl, which is way cooler!”


Throughout the musicianship, vocals, sublime harmonies, chemistry, energy, and audience engagement were spot on. The songs and sound are beautiful and evocative, their connection to their fans truly special and spiritual. Like other American acts I have seen over the past year or two, such as Rainbow Girls, and Courtney Marie Andrews (here next week), they are spreading the word of kindess and compassion and trying to heal the world through spreading the message of getting us all to collectively raise our vibration and energy. I felt it. A lovely gig, and so heartwarming and encouraging to see people so connected by music and the messages. A very mixed audience shared something beautiful in the same way and this can only be a positive thing.

Rising Appalachia play their next UK date at the beautiful Bush Hall in London this Thursday evening (16th).


“an overall outstanding work of clever musicianship. A tour of world sounds that could be scattered and disjointed is very skilfully executed with a pleasant flow. Leah and Chloe’s vocals are the centerpiece here; though present on every track, they are never overpowering, even over the softest and sweetest notes.” – No Depression

“Rising Appalachia is the aural divinity of two sisters seeped in the deep south flair of harmony, resistance, and poetry” NPR

“Green Album of the Year” The Huffington Post

Rising Appalachia brings to the stage a collection of sounds, stories, and songs steeped in tradition and a devotion to world culture. Intertwining a deep reverence for folk music and a passion for justice, they have made it their life’s work to sing songs that speak to something ancient yet surging with relevance. Whether playing at Red Rocks or in rail cars, at Italian street fairs or to Bulgarian herbalists, this fiercely independent band has blazed a unique and colourful path across the globe. 11 years into their movement, Rising Appalachia believes that the roots of all these old songs are vital to our ever-evolving soundscape.

Led by the collective voice of sisters Leah and Chloe, and joined by their beloved band – percussionist Biko Casini and bassist/guitarist David Brown – Rising Appalachia is a melting pot of folk music simplicity, textured songwriting, and those bloodline harmonies that only siblings can pull off. Listen for a tapestry of song, clawhammer banjo tunes, fiddle, double bass, acoustic guitar, djembe, barra, bodhran, spoken word, and a wealth of musical layering that will leave you called to action and lulled into rhythmic dance simultaneously. It is both genre bending and familiar at the same time. Proudly born and raised in the concrete jungle of Atlanta, Georgia, sharpening their instincts in the mountains of Appalachia, and fine tuning their soul on the streets of New Orleans they have crafted a 6-album career from the dusts of their passion.

In 2015, Rising Appalachia founded the Slow Music Movement, to help maintain an independent musical spirit in the face of such a fast-paced world. They are creatively committed to keeping their work accessible at the local street level as well as expanding to larger audiences abroad, and have continued to maintain autonomy by self- managing, recording, producing and creating, and directing their work.

They are greatly honoured to do the work that they do.

“Music is the tool with which we wield political prowess. Melody for the Roots of each of us…spreading song and sound around the globe. Music has become our script for vision- not just for aural pleasure, not just for hobby, but now as a means to connect and create in ways that we aren’t taught by mainstream culture. We are building community and tackling social injustice through melody, making the stage reach out with wide arms to gather this great family. It has taken on its own personality, carrying us all along the journey. Heres to poetic observations, social change, lyrical messages, political focus, symphonic coercing, ferocious bantering, bicycles and train tracks, primal will, fresh air, harmony, flow, and beautiful noise.” Leah Song.









Norwich: Music City, UK

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Norfolk Disability Pride fundraiser @ NAC 12 August 2018

In another fine example of coming together the Norwich Arts Centre once again proved what an essential place it occupies in the heart of the city’s creative community.  Having been declined a bid for funding for reasons unknown, Disability Pride, the NAC and performers gave very kindly of their time and services to put on this fundraising gig to support the cause and make sure the planned September events happen anyway, raising over £300 on the night. That’s the spirit!


A ‘pay what you can afford’ gig starting at 4pm with acoustic sessions in the Adnams Mission Hall Bar with sets by the event organiser Elena Traina, Matt Watson, I Said Goodbye, and Aphra, there was also a local charities’ EXPO and a boardgames session in the bar.

elena's partymatt watson

I was only able to be there from just after 7pm (Thanks to Daryl for supplying jump leads for a drained battery!) and heard as I entererd the jazzy strains of a new band to me, Bop Kat, playing on the beautifully lit main stage.  They were very impressive and I heard a lot of positive comments about them.

Bop Kat

Bop Kat


At 8pm I was excited for the appearance of another of the city’s exciting bands on a steep upward trajectory, the wonderful Painted Heathers. Always a treat to see them and especially so in this venue. Tight and powerful with strong songs and hooks and that positive energy of playing which is so infectious, they are a well-balanced outfit indeed.  Near the end on a glorious Messed Up, Brandon jumped offstage with his guitar and had a little dance with his son. Lovely.  Hollywood is currently available on CD and download and further recordings are promised too.  Check them out if you haven’t seen them before and you get the chance, the next one is not until 20 October at the Waterfront Studio.

Painted Heathers


Painted Heathers

Painted Heathers

Painted Heathers


The night’s headliners Beast With A Gun came on at 9pm and although just a trio they are a mighty and charismatic beast indeed, with a lot of power.  I love this band.  Punky, garage blues on the main stage of the Arts Centre on a Sunday night? Wow!  Just a shame there were not more people there to enjoy it but such is the volume of gigs in Norwich these days, even on a Sunday, especially on a Sunday in some ways with the Funday theme meaning people can move to pub to pub catching a succession of great live acts, and this event was probably part of that with a succession of people passing in and out throughout the day. It was a success too with over £300 raised. Well done to all.  I was glad to be here and saw three class acts in a top venue for a great cause and know there were other great acts earlier in the day too.  Ending the night with a special guest appearance from Michael Jackson – in actual fact Mr. Jason on bass, from The Crunch, Norm’s, Old School Studios, Rope Store et al.) Beast With A Gun closed the gig with a bang of kick-ass garage rock. Brilliant!

Beast With A Gun

Beast With A Gun


Beast With A Gun

Beast With A Gun



Disability Pride celebrates the lives and achievements of diabled people in Norfolk.  Thanks to all who came along, all the acts, and everyone involved in making the event happen.  There will be another Disability Pride event at The Forum on Sunday 16th September 2018 10:00am – 4:00pm.  Further details below:


Disability Pride

Norfolk Disability Pride LogoDisability Pride is an exciting event coming to Norfolk on Sunday 16th September 2018 at The Forum Norwich 10:00am – 4:00pm. Everyone is welcome. The event will be a celebration of disabled people and the diversity of our community. It follows a smaller successful Disability Pride event in 2010 and it has expanded to include more activities.

It will showcase local artists, performers and speakers highlighting skills and abilities of disabled people and challenging negative stereotypes. There will be a marketplace bringing together individuals, groups and businesses to engage with disabled people, opening up conversations and opportunities to develop inclusive services and activities. You can find out about the days events here: https://equallives.org.uk/get-involved/disability-pride/disability-pride-whats-happening-on-the-day/

The event is free to attend and The Forum has good transport links, is accessible and has blue badge parking. There will be an accessible Mobiloo toilet available which offers a hoist and bench and there are Changing Places available at Intu Chapelfield and Vauxhall Community Hub.

Disability Pride is being run in partnership with Equal Lives, The Forum, Norwich City Council, Norfolk County Council and University of East Anglia with many other businesses offering support and involvement.

Ben Reed CEO of Equal Lives said “There is currently no event like this, it has been designed as a celebration, for people to come together and take part in the day’s activities to support an inclusive community. With as many as 100,000 disabled people living in East Anglia, we are hoping this event is the start of something big and it will continue to grow for years to come.”

There will also be additional events running a week either side of the main event in support of Disability Pride and you can find out about these here: https://equallives.org.uk/get-involved/disability-pride/disability-pride-fringe-events/












Norwich: Music City, UK

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VW Whitenoise Festival, 11 August 2018 Hot Raisin + The Lovin’ Handful + HANK + Mammal Not Fish

Somewhat unexpectedly I found myself back in Euston, scene of the Red Rooster Festival, for this, the VW Whitenoise Festival of music and VWs. Campervans galore, an onsite funfair, a bar and dj tent (The Sunburnt Arms) and a huge outdoor stage with terrific sound, this is a lovely little family-friendly festival.

vw whitenoise festival

Slightly thrown by the different layout from Red Rooster, all the stalls and stages are actually in what is the Rooster camping area so entry was by a different route, with pigs in fields on either side of the track leading up to the gates.  On arrival I was immediately struck by just how friendly the staff on the gates were and the relaxed atmosphere after a late one the previous night when Penguins Go Pop launched their album, this was just what I needed.  Not knowing too much about the day’s billing it was with great timing that I found the main stage just as Hot Raisin were soundchecking.  They were the first act of the day and played to a chilled audience who were waking up after the Friday’s festivities.  It’d probably have been even more chilled had Luke and Tom not been constantly beseiged by the plague of wasps they seemed to have at Euston.  I was oddly unaffected by the wasps … until I bought a Lacons beer a bit later, and then realised it was only those drinking beer who were affected. So just about everyone then.  But the Raisins sounded superb here, great sound, great songs and super playing as always.


hot raisin


hot raisin

hot raisinhot raisinhot raisin


The Lacons bar was reasonably priced and there were plenty of ales to choose from. Plenty of food stalls too, and the cleanest loos I have ever seen at a festival. Lots of them, making one of the worst aspects of a festival experience actually nothing to worry about at all here.

vw whitenoise festival

I recognised some familiar faces setting up on stage next and it was Mammal Not Fish, who I last saw also on the same bill as Hot Raisin at last year’s Battle of the Bands final in King’s Lynn.  Their sound has progressed even more since then and they are busy on the festival circuit, headlining at Reepham the following day.  They had a good vibe going, loosening people up with some catchy originals and infectious ska classics.

mammal not fish

vw whitenoise festival

HANK, I was delighted to discover, were next on the main stage. Sounding huge and heavy, rocking out and really waking people up.  A lot of power, a lot of grunge, some funk tinges, and a lot of fun. They’ve really got something good going on and I could tell they won some new admirers here.  Catch HANK in the city soon, they are so good live.  They did in fact have a headline show booked for the Waterfront Studio but due to an unexpected Waterfront refurb it will now have to close then so watch out for a rescheduled date. Lovely, cool people too.




Next up were the always fun Lovin’ Handful, even entertaining during the soundcheck where all nine of them ironically played their only original of the set. Soundcheck Blues.  All of them play in various other originals bands (Hot Raisin, Hello Bear, Turf Club Racebook, etc.) so in The Lovin’ Handful they play for kicks and do it brilliantly, giving their unique skiffle treatment to classics by Talking Heads, The Ramones, Queen, Bowie, The Beatles, Bangles, Cash, The Waterboys and many more.  A lot of strings in this band with guitars, bass, mandolin and newest member Jess on violin, who many will know from Wooden Arms.  She brings a whole new dimension to the sound and takes it to another level. Her playing on Fisherman’s Blues was magnificent.

They garnered the biggest audience I saw during my short, one day visit to VW, and everyone loved them. Great humour, playing and versatility, with lots of swapping around the instruments too.

the lovin' handful


vw whitenoise festival

Rod Stewart, Walking like an Egyptian as The Lovin’ Handful cover The Bangles


It’s not often you can say the following so I’m going to say it: To see Rod Stewart and Santa Claus dancing to Queen’s Crazy Little Thing Called Love performed by The Lovin’ Handful at a VW Campervan festival was without question my most surreal moment of the day!


vw whitenoise festival

This festival proved an absolute delight, with something for everyone. Child and dog friendly, good food and beers and music, the VWs were genuinely interesting and there was plenty to see and do.  It was also nicely spaced without any overcrowding or lengthy queues.  A real pleasure to be here and I’m happy to recommend it to anyone. Thanks VW!

vw whitenoise festivalvw whitenoise festivalvw whitenoise festivalvw whitenoise festivalvw whitenoise festivalvw whitenoise festival

vw whitenoise festivalvw whitenoise festivalvw whitenoise festivalvw whitenoise festivalvw whitenoise festivalvw whitenoise festival

the lovin' handfulvw whitenoise festivalthe lovin' handfulvw whitenoise festivalvw whitenoise festivalvw whitenoise festivalHANKHANKHANKHANKHANKvw whitenoise festivalvw whitenoise festival












Norwich: Music City, UK

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Penguins Go Pop album launch @ Last Pub Standing 10 August 2018

Some 32 years in the making, Penguins Go Pop have a brand new album out on CD, and 20th Century Pop was launched and celebrated in fine style at Last Pub Standing on Friday, with great animations and projections from Richard Rix, an impressive turnout, and all Penguins in good form.

penguins go pop


Led by local legend Richard Penguin, these catchy songs with unusual themes are inhabited by some unexpected characters (John Noakes, Raymond Baxter, dancing astronauts et al.) and always charm and entertain the audience but this gig felt particularly special. Fresh from an appearance at Harlequin Fayre they packed out the pub, which was full of plenty of familiar faces. Alas, I didn’t make Harlequin this year but did see the Penguins at another fun, recent gig, where they filled The Cottage, on Lord Mayor’s fireworks night too, which is no mean feat with so much going on in the city.


penguins go pop


Yes, Richard danced like an astronaut among the audience and we loved the introductions to the songs, including the background story to my personal favourite, All the Little Houses.

penguins go pop


A really fun and enjoyable evening with Penguins Go Pop, a band that could only come out of Norwich, and now that album is finally out. I’m happy to have a copy.  Well done Penguins and all involved, in a depressing world they are providing some glorious and fun escapism.



penguins go pop

penguins go pop


Penguins Go Pop, four years ago at the Fat Cat Brewery Tap, How an Astronaut Feels, featuring Richard’s famous dance.








Norwich: Music City, UK

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OST @ Cinema City with the howtocuredyslexia band + Milly Hirst + Lucy Grubb 7 August 2018

OST’s successful summer run in the beautiful courtyard of Cinema City continued with this excellent line-up.  Lucy Grubb was a sensation at Red Rooster with her full band and this solo acoustic set was no less enjoyable.  She has some very fine songs, some of which appeared on her 18 Miles EP, and some more that she is about to record for her next EP.  I can’t wait.


lucy grubb


As the evening light faded it was time for a most welcome set from Milly Hirst which was magical. It was a rare treat indeed to hear a live performance of the beautiful Birds, and at one point in the set it started to rain gently … I was happy to let the refreshing raindrops fall onto me but the rain that hit the perspex roof made its own evocative and atmospheric sound, and as Iain correctly said, it made Milly’s live songs sound like they were being played on vinyl with the occasional pops from above.  A gorgeous and magical experience.

milly hirst


To close the night we had a great set from the howtocuredyslexia band, fresh from a successful residency at Norm’s.  The songs have become more familiar so there was singing along from the audience and at one point he was joined by Iain.  The finale was a wonderful Magic Carpet with lots of the local singers joining onstage too.  An excellent way to finish a fine evening of music.



The next (and final) OST is on Tuesday 21 August and includes Max Taylor, Fresh Flowers, and Dawn Chorus.

The last of this batch of Original Soundtrack gigs in the Cinema City courtyard and boy it’s gonna be a goodun! 

First up is the brilliant Max Taylor, bassist with Mika, singer in Creepy Neighbour doing his solo thing. This guy has an incredible voice and is a great writer. Don’t miss it! 

After Max we have the return of The Dawn Chorus – the americana / folk choir who performed at the first of these courtyard gigs – a cappella harmony singing, lovely. 

Finally I’m excited to host the debut gig by ‘Fresh Flowers’ a new band featuring Emily Winn, Ben C Winn and Kelly Siddall. 










Norwich: Music City, UK

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Norm’s @ The Crypt: Sharkmuffin + Peach Club + Fever Machine + Elly Bishop + Dj Ego Healer 2 August 2018

This was Norm’s last night of live music at The Crypt but went out in fine style with a strong line-up and a good audience turnout, plus guest DJ George from Gladboy under the guise of DJ Ego Healer playing everything from Sweet to Bauhaus, ahead of a Gladboy appearance at The Gunton Festival on Saturday.


On another warm evening a pre-gig pint in Bedfords’ courtyard after watching Ben C Winn play a great set outside The  Birdcage was in order before the strains on Elly Bishop wafting up from the basement crypt lured me back downstairs, I only caught a couple of numbers but she was playing to an enthusiastic crowd at the front and her set was well-received.

elly bishop


A short time later Fever Machine started their set.  I’ve only seen them once before, at the Owl, and I liked them then but they really impressed me even more here, seemingly having developed further in that time and looking confident. A quietly assured presence and an atmospheric post-punk sound.  I already want to see them again.


fever machine


fever machine


Norwich riot grrrls were next with a strong, powerful and very confident set, Katie Revell on lead vocals was a dervish of energy and animation and the sound was spot on. A great spot to see them in too and their devoted following had a blast.


peach club


peach club

peach club




I didn’t know too much about Sharkmuffin ahead of this gig announcement but I really liked what I heard on their YouTube channel when I checked them out.  Sharkmuffin are Tarra on guitar and vocals, Natalie on bass and vocals, and Jordyn on drums and vocals and they hail from New York’s Brooklyn district. Respect is due to Jason for getting them here.  Their sound too is energetic, filthy but glam grunge and they sounded amazing down here. A lot of fun.  Following on the heels of that appearance here by Fruit & Flowers a couple of months back we’ve been fortunate to have such wonderful garage rock put on in the city.  I hope we haven’t heard the last from Norm’s (I’m sure we haven’t) and that I will be introduced to many more such bands in the future, as well as enjoying familiar local favourites with that special Norm’s sound.


Sharkmuffin’s Tarra


Natalie and Jordyn of Sharkmuffin






They are still touring the UK and the tour ends down the road in Ipswich on 11th.

1 Bradford @ Al’s Dime Bar
2 Norwich @ The Crypt
3 Brighton @ The Green Door Store
4 Nottingham @ The Angel
6 Stoke @ The Underground
7 Chester The Lock Keeper
8 Manchester @ Night & Day
9 Huddersfield @ The Parish
10 London @ Sebright Arms
11 Ipswich @ The Swan




Thur 2nd Aug – SHARKMUFFIN (USA) + Peach Club + Fever Machine + Elly Bishop + DJ Ego Healer @ The Crypt, Bedfords, Norwich
£5 ticket / £6 door – Doors open 8pm.
Sharkmuffin are either the most glam garage band around, or the grungiest glam band around.” – NPR

“Sharkmuffin are one of the more popular garage punk bands in the Brooklyn music scene, and essential listening for fans of Screaming Females. There’s a certain ’90s feel to the music they make, driven by demanding but never desperate hollers.” -Billboard Magazine

“Their sound is energetic and wild, fitting for a band with a name like theirs. It’s rough and raw and soaked in whisky, just the way the best bands are.“ – The Village Voice

Spotify: ‪https://tinyurl.com/ya2cs5yl ‬ 
Bandcamp:‪http://tinyurl.com/zxv7wo3 ‬
Supported by our rising riot grrrls about town, Peach Club, moody rockers Fever Machine & songy-singwriter Elly Bishop. And to complete your life, DJ Ego Healer (George from Gladboy) spinning wax (ie playing records) throughout the evening.


Thanks to Norm’s and Bedfords.
















Norwich: Music City, UK

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New releases round-up

There’s been a huge number of new releases in recent months from Norwich and Norfolk bands and artists and those with a strong connection to the region and I’m lucky enough to have been given copies of some of them including a gorgeous vinyl copy of Grifter Kid and the Midnight Raiders’ third album, Kith and Kin.  It’s been a while since they’ve played in the city but this London-based jazz-folk-country band have strong ties to the area and have a fairly unique sound strong on atmosphere and with lyrics always worth paying close attention to. They are busily productive too having only released their second album – Them That Are Bruised only last year.  I hope to see them back here again before too long.

grifter kid and the midnight raiders


Days To follow last year’s gorgeous Fractured Rooms with The That and the Because.  Oskari is once again joined on the album by a number of familiar local artists including Mick Amato, Justina Gervyte, Ollie Hanney, David Indge, Jim Kinson, Janne Kettunen, Jessica Mitchell, Chad Mason, Sofia Melendez Gutierrez, Pete Murdoch, Shane O’Linski, Joe Quinn, Andrew Rayner, Richard Ringer, and even the dearly missed Andy Croft (to whom, as well as Aleksi Tarzan Timoteus Kuusela, the album is dedicated to).  Brilliant and fascinating stuff once again, wonderful songs and contributions beautifully produced and mixed.  People are Human could almost be Berlin-era Bowie. A varied and always captivating album. Thank you Oskari.

days to

At the weekend I headed to one of my favourite pubs, The Stanford Arms in Lowestoft, for some good company and music, where Hot Raisin were playing and lifting spirits … well pints actually but they lift my spirit always.  They too have a recent EP, The Forge Sessions, reviewed here

hot raisin

Upon arrival back in the city I was just in time to catch the whole set from another favourite, Of the Clay, who have a superb self-produced EP available too. It’s available here.  I have really been enjoying listening to this, recordings that captue the feel, spirit and sound of a band exactly as one hoped. At well over half an hour it’s more of an album than an EP and features many favourites from their live set including Nottamun Town, Geordie, Nostradamus, Three Gypsies, Sir Richard’s Song, and Follow the Flag.  As with Alden, Patterson and Dashwood there is a “less is more” feel to the production that suits it perfectly. Great clarity for the vocals, guitars, viola, mandolin, and of course the shruti box.


of the clayof the clay

Painted Heathers have been playing some storming gigs and the live favourite Hollywood has its release on CD.  There’s a chance to catch them play soon and get a copy when they play the main stage at Norwich Arts Centre for the Disability Pride Fundraiser on Sunday 12 August, alongside Beast With A Gun and many others.  A pay what you can afford gig in a very good cause, plus the bands are great and Painted Heathers are in stunning form.

painted heathers

Following on from their outstanding debut album Alden, Patterson & Dashwood have done it again with follow up By the Night.  Beautifully hand produced cover and artwork this collection of ten songs continues where the last one left off, gorgeous space in the production the vocals, guitar, fiddle and dobro are all crystal clear with air to breathe, it opens with Time Song, inspired by The Time Traveller’s Wife.  The ten songs are all excellent and one always feels the chemistry and harmony between this trio of superb musicians. 

Flatlands, Alden, Patterson and Dashwood

I saw AP&D most recently at The Flatlands Festival in Suffolk where The Wolf Number also performed.  They released The Bunker Sessions last year and will soon be recording again.  Also playing was the latest project from Joe Quinn: Joe Quinn and the New Lunarians, this nine-piece have just released a four-track album called Psilocybin Blue.

Flatlands, Joe Quinn and the New Lunarians

Of course HANK were heavily involved in Flatlands and they too have an EP – Slopes is available on Milkman Sounds Records, Bandcamp, and also to stream on Spotify.


At this summer’s Red Rooster Festival I finally got my copy of Lucy Grubb’s 18 Miles EP after her triumphant set on the main stage.  You can see her in a much more intimate performance at OST on Tuesday.

lucy grubb

Coinciding with the World Cup, True Adventures released his new single Brasil on Roundtable Records, with accompanying video too. Brasil features backing vocals from Milly Hirst, Piano from Will Bloomfield, drums from Joe Allen and Trumpet from Jeff Smith of Wooden Arms.

true adventures

True Adventures … and Maraud

With Wooden Arms currently on an extended hiatus Alexander Carson has his first solo release out, Lovers, and plays at Bedfords Crypt for Odd Box on September 13 with Abi Wade, and Vanity Fairy.

wooden arms

Alex Carson

Norwich Riot Grrls Peach Club, with a new video for recent release Cherry Baby, will play at the last Norm’s at Bedfords Crypt this Thursday along with Elly Bishop, and Fever Machine, and New York’s Sharkmuffin. Not to be missed.

peach club

(c) shashamane 2016 http://www.norwichblog.com

Nic Norton and the County Band have an impressive EP release in Brief Lives which garnered a very favourable review in Outline Magazine recently. Many thanks Nic, for the CDs.

Jim Niven has put together and released his own album too, the very enjoyable The Juice Ain’t Worth the Squeeze.  He’s so modest and humble but very good indeed and it was a pleasure to listen to this, thanks Jim.

Another album I was given recently which really impressed me was TRIPS Vol.1 by The Infinite Trip. Spacey psychedelia that was right up my street and made me wonder why I wasn’t previously aware of this band. I am now! Thanks Peter. This is great stuff and there is also some vinyl too!


Butterflies on Pins are London-based but with a Norwich connection in that guitarist Rob used to play with Andy Sacre in the Sacred Harmonic Society.  Check out their post-punk psych sound in this video for their superb debut single and hope for a Norwich gig.

Planet Neil is Neil Dyer, also known to many from Screen 3 and BN Deluxe. He has been highly productive and excellent new release is an EP called Incomplete. Congratulations to Neil and Irene too on their recent wedding!

planet neil

So many other local releases, Skinnyboy Tunes has just released Helix, Laura Goldthorp has recently played the Larner Tree Festival (despite having her leg in plaster) and her new EP Colourless, has been getting a LOT of plays on Spotify.

The ever-developing Falling From Trees have a new track available for free download

Of course The Vagaband earlier this year released their mighty fine album Something Wicked This Way Comes which has deservedly been gaining rave reviews. They played a belter of a set at Red Rooster too.

the vagaband

Sink Ya Teeth recently launched their excellent debut album at Norwich Arts Centre, then played Rough Trade East and various dates around the county including with A Certain Radio. They made Album of the Day on BBC 6 Music too. They are going places!

sink ya teeth

sink ya teeth

Also getting an Album of the Day accolade from BBC 6 Music were Let’s East Grandma for their second album, I’m All Ears, launched at Epic a few weeks back.

let's eat grandma

Sink Ya Teeth’s good mate Pete also has a new Birds of Hell release, launched at Bedfords Crypt a couple of months back and available from Meat Fer Manners. Available on 7″ vinyl, I Love Saturday Night is backed with Don’t Do Poppers (If You’ve Got a Moustache).

birds of hell

Also available of Meat Fer Manners is The Lost Levels album Byebyeland.

lost levels

A few months back Sam Coe and the Long Shadows released and launched their album Full Moon at OPEN, and the lovely Jess Morgan has released new single Blue Jay.

Ever productive, Jess has already released a subsequent single, the gorgeous Leytonstone, also on Spotify.


It was a real thrill to see The Piratones back together at Flatlands, and they’ve even made a single with the proceeds going to the very worthy cause of Phone Credit for Refugees and Displaced People. 22 Miles, and, Humans, can be purchased here.

Flatlands, The Piratones

Maya Law has new music out too!

maya law

Penguins Go Pop have an album almost ready to be unleashed. They play at Harlequin this weekend and launch the album at Last Pub Standing the following week, on Friday 20th August..

penguins go pop

Penguins Go Pop

Broads have new music available at Bandcamp.


Billy Lubach has a rather special album, Fulgurite, which can be streamed on Spotify.

billy lubach

Extraordinary guitarist Anoush Saadat is currently back in the city for a short time, catch one of his gigs if you can and buy one of his CDs.

The much anticipated EP from Playhouse is out and Venus and Mars can also be streamed on Spotify. This EP is a gem.



More local releases on Spotify include those from We’ll Be Detectives …


Gladboy – who also have a new EP on the horizon, to be launched at The Waterfront Studio in the autumn on 29 October with Bag of Cans and more…

Niamh …

St. Benedicts …

Renadeans …

Lily-Ann …

Skinny Rodgers

Simon Tall …

… The Thinking Men …

… Sharks Can’t Hold Hands …

… Bag of Cans …

All My Youth …

Ravenous Hounds…

Blues Situation launch their new CD album Spoonful with an appearance for Fine City Blues at The Murderers this Thursday 2 August.

The Lantern Men have their new album on CD. The Lure of The Lantern Men.

Plus imminent releases from the likes of LK, Jacob Solstice, Matt Watson, and Morganway … plus loads of others no doubt.  Apologies for the likely many omissions, it’s getting difficult to keep up with all the amazing music coming out of this special city.





















































Norwich: Music City, UK

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